Trump Looted $44 Billion FEMA’s Disaster Relief Fund: Record-Setting Hurricane Season

Laura, the strongest August storm to hit the Gulf of Mexico since Katrina, is heading for Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas and is expected to make landfall Thursday morning. The National Storm Center warns that storms can cause “excruciating” effects – waves up to 20 feet high that can cause “catastrophic” damage up to 30 miles inland – as well as strong hurricane winds, heavy rain, and widespread outbreaks.

Trump Looted $44 Billion

If these predictions come true, Laura could be one of the most destructive storms in the US Gulf. Particularly bad, given that less than three weeks ago, instead of working with Congress to push for comprehensive legislation to address the current crisis and provide necessary assistance, President Trump looted the fund. FEMA Disaster Relief Fund. Compensation loots $ 44 billion: An agency license to pay $ 300 a week pays for regular unemployment benefits.

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I wonder if we can be more clear: the weekly supplement of $ 300 is the same as the CARES of $ 600 enacted at the beginning of the epidemic. The $ 600 earnings extension is included in a second aid package previously approved by Congress, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will not vote. Because the Senate does not sign the House bill and Trump has not worked with lawmakers to reach a compromise, there will be no unemployment supplement to the money allocated by Congress. This is done at the government’s expense, which means covering natural disasters like Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

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Although almost unprecedented, a storm the size of Laura is not entirely unexpected. For months, experts have warned that sea breezes and heat patterns were the cause of the historic Atlantic hurricane, both in terms of the number of storms and their severity.

Following these warnings, in April, in the midst of an epidemic, for the first time in US history, all states simultaneously declared a major disaster, Democrats wrote to FEMA Representative Peter Gainor to express their concern for the agency. The availability of your questions remained unanswered.

Four months later, things have only gotten worse: the virus has infected millions of Americans, the entire state of California is on fire, Iowa has been ravaged by a rare internal storm, and now Laura is on her way, and on top of that. Everything. “There is a reason the constitution only gives Congress the power to control government spending,” Payne said. “It was to prevent reckless presidents from taking one program to fund another.”

Source: FEMA


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