Bella Thorne’s $2 Million Weekly Ruin OnlyFans – Sex Workers Worries who rely on OnlyFans

bella thorne onlyfans

Since the pandemic began in March, most companies have suffered a massive financial impact, but this is not the case for OnlyFans. A subscription platform where content creators sell content directly to fans, and which since its inception in 2016, has been primarily used by sex workers, OnlyFans has seen a massive increase in membership since March, with a 75% increase on the monthly basis. In new records. The popularity of Beyonce’s addiction to her remix of “Savage”, along with celebrities like Cardi B and Blac Chyna joining the platform, has grown so popular that opening an OnlyFans account to make easy money has become a kind of meme.
bella thorne onlyfans

Now, the platform is only going to become even more popular with the announcement that actress and singer Bella Thorne has become the first innovator to earn $ 1 million in a single day. By selling exclusive content at $ 20 a month, Bella Thorne made $ 2 million on the platform in less than a week.
Thorne’s sudden financial gains made headlines across the country, with many on social media mocking that it inspired them to sign up for OnlyFans; It was also undoubtedly a great press for OnlyFans. However, there was one group less enthusiastic about Thorne’s achievement: sex workers, who have been using OnlyFans for years and view the platform’s integration with paradox.

OnlyFans content creators often have to work as photographers, marketers, social media stewards, accountants, and tech support team members, which can lead to stressful hours; The perception that posting nude photos on OnlyFans is a good way to make a quick buck fuels cultural misogyny and the stigma associated with sex work. “When people who own huge platforms and turn into [anti-sex acts] or big misogynists start mentioning OnlyFans in regular conversation, that’s an excuse for the rest of the community to pile on us [more than they did] already,”

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Source: RollingStone


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