Triple CheeseBurger Starting £ 2.19 – McDonald’s launched new menu item across the UK

Triple Cheeseburger uk

Triple Cheeseburger uk
According to McDonald’s, yes, it is. From the same people who pioneered the super-sized concept and launched the Big Mac (then the largest Grand Mac), now comes Triple Cheese Burger. As the name suggests, it is similar to a McDonald’s burger with cheese, but with three burgers instead of one.

Oh, and so are three slices of cheese, because who wants to double up on meat without adding a little cheese? To summarize up to three cuts of 100% British and Irish beef with onions, pickles, mustard, and cheese on soft toast. Now some might say three pies in a cake are too many, but McDonald’s clearly disagrees.

And for those whose regular arrangement is of two or three cheeseburgers, we can imagine that this is a welcome addition to the menu. It sure is well received by customers in Yorkshire, as the Triple Cheese Burger was first tasted.

After a successful limited run, McDonald’s today announced that its new menu item will be launched across the UK from Wednesday 2 September, starting at £ 2.19. Keep in mind, before running to the nearest Maccas, that all coronavirus precautions remain in place, with social distancing and safety measures including hand sanitizers at restaurant entrances, tracking of contacts of customers eating in the restaurant and reducing the number of people allowed inside each. A restaurant at a time, so expects some queues.

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