I’ve always been a spiritualist – Ron Jeremy 30 more sexual assault charges

Ron Jeremy

Superstar Ron Jeremy faces 20 new rapes, sexual assaults, sodomy, and more, according to the Los Angeles law firm. Jeremy, whose legal last name is Hayat, was charged for the first time in June with several causes of sexual violence, including three rapes. He was not guilty. On Monday, prosecutors reported 20 new charges against Jeremy, claiming he had sexually assaulted 13 women since 2004.

The charges include six numbers of prevention of sexual violence, five forced rapes, three violent oral intercourse, two counts of forced intrusion into a foreign body, one amount of sodomy, assault with intent to rape, and some intrusion. Unknown unconscious or sleepy victim and blatant behavior with a 15-year-old girl.

Ron Jeremy

Prosecutors said Jeremy sexually assaulted a 15-year-old at a party in 2004. They also claimed to have beaten a woman on New Year’s Day this year. CNN contacted Jeremy’s attorney, who was not guilty of the new charges when he appeared on Monday. The second court date was set for October 28th. If Jeremy is found guilty of all charges, he could be sentenced to up to 250 years in prison. According to online legal records, he is in jail in Los Angeles and on a $ 6.6 million bond.
Jeremy, 67, is considered a symbol of the adult entertainment industry. He reached the Guinness Book of Records for “most adult film appearances,” appearing in more than 2,200 films. The subject of the 2001 documentary was “Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy.”
In 2015, he spoke to CNN about almost dying for aortic surgery in 2013. When he almost died, the actor said he had always supported the idea that living a good life and being a good person would be best done. Butter. Do this on earth.

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