Trump defends Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old supporter of his who is charged with murdering two protesters in Kenosha

Trump defends Kyle Rittenhouse

After supporting a 17-year-old supporter who allegedly killed two protesters in Kenosha. People are really throwing some shades on Trump. I am confused, Is Trump doing it on purpose or he is just out of his mind. Keep on reading and you will find what people are saying about Trump’s response.

Trump defends Kyle Rittenhouse

Amazing how the end part of this clip describes America perfectly and that it’s all happening at one time under one shitty dangerous president

Apparently the President just gave blanket authorization for people to use paintball guns as a tool for “peaceful protest”. I’m thinking of getting me one for the next School Board meeting. I mean, just in case I feel like protesting something.
So we can all agree that throwing paint on a police officer does not give the cops a right to tear gas, shoot rubber bullets, and beat protesters

REPORTER: Do you want to take this opportunity to condemn your supporters who were shooting paintball guns in Portland? TRUMP: These people, they protested peacefully.

This president is so clearly racist I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t see it


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