Representative Seth Moulton wins in Sixth District Democratic primary in Massachusetts

seth moulton

Former Democratic presidential candidate and current Representative Seth Moulton has won Massachusetts’s leading Democratic candidate in the 6th district of the US House of Representatives.

Molton faces two competitors from Topsfield: Angus McCoylekin, longtime director of arms control and economic development, and Jimmy Zahlaway Pelsetto, lawyer and instructor at Salem State University.

The competition was Molton’s first major battle since accusing Congress six years earlier when it ousted incumbent John Tierney for a nine-year term. The latter career, however, does not fit the typical narrative of a long-term incumbent trying to fire a young man or acting more defiantly more liberal.

Sixth District Democratic primary in Massachusetts

In contrast to the sharp generation division that characterized the fourth and eighth congressional competitions of the state, Moulton is the youngest candidate in the main election at the age of 41. And while McQuilken, 50, and Belsito, 46 ​​strive to promote themselves as progressive options, there is little sunshine on major policy issues – like health care. Palmetto supported Republican Richard Tessi in his 2014 loss to Moulton and compared it to a string of losses at the Red Sox tournament.
Moulton is now a leader in managing more than $ 1 billion in investments in Lynn City. He said the work of his constituency office had been recognized in Congress. He said his job of helping to turn the house around two years ago was good not only for the Democrats but also for the region.

Source: Bostonglob

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