Finally Disney’s new Mulan on Disney Plus – Everything we know so far

Mulan on Disney Plus

“Let’s get to the point!” orders the army commander to recruit Mulan in 1998, as he tries to get his disorderly officers into shape. The line begins the excellent montage song “I’ll Make You a Man”, a number steeped in irony, because it’s the one thing the commander can’t do to Mulan: a girl who disguises herself as a boy and runs away. home to join the imperial forces.

That song, and all its blatant irony, is not part of Disney’s new live-action adaptation of the animated hit Mulan. While it may be the most anticipated of all recent Disney remakes, spiritually there is little connective tissue between the 2020 release and its predecessor.

But there is also little connective tissue in the new movie. Instead, despite all the frayed talk in his script about the importance of cultivating deep understanding, Mulan remains superficial and superficial. It is about business and little else.

Disney’s unorthodox release plan for Mulan, like most things during the coronavirus pandemic, has raised many questions, and while the movie was posted online, some remain unanswered. After delaying the release of Mulan on the big screen three times since it was originally scheduled to hit theaters on March 27, Disney finally decided to release the high-budget live-action remake for an additional $ 30 fee at Disney. Plus, their subscription streaming service already costs $ 7 per month. Mulan was also expected to hit theaters the same day in countries that do not have (and will not have) Disney Plus and where theaters are open, but theatrical openings are not confirmed on Friday.

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It’s an unprecedented move, unfathomable just six months ago: Mulan essentially skipping theaters for the online premiere is a huge departure from the strict rules that generally keep new movies in theaters exclusively for 75 days or more. Until the pandemic, Disney had been loyal to so-called theatrical showcases, racking up more of the best box office hits in the past five years than any other studio.

Mulan on Disney Plus

Mulan Release date

Mulan will be available on Disney Plus on Friday; Like most new Disney Plus titles, it will air for the first time at 12:01 am PT that day, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Disney said this “main access” offer to see Mulan on Disney Plus for an additional fee will run until November 2. People who purchase access to Mulan before November 2 can continue to view it as long as they remain active Disney Plus customers. It is unclear what will happen after November 2, when the “main access” purchase offer ends and December 4. , when Mulan became part of the standard Disney Plus catalog.

Mulan was supposed to hit theaters the same day in some countries where theaters are open and Disney Plus is not available, but Disney has not confirmed theatrical details for Friday. In China, the film will be available in theaters on September 11.

Disney’s Mulan Price?

Mulan will not initially be “free” with your Disney Plus subscription. On Disney Plus, Mulan will be offered as what is known as premium video on demand, meaning when a movie is available online for a higher price than normal. . Disney itself calls this main access model. Buyers will be able to see Mulan as long as they remain active Disney Plus subscribers. In other words, this is not a rental; it’s more like a purchase tied to a single service.

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Regardless of where you are located, the additional Mulan price will be in addition to the cost of the standard Disney Plus membership.

In the US, Mulan will be available on Disney Plus exclusively for $ 30 in addition to the service’s standard subscription price, which is $ 7 per month or $ 70 per year. This does not include taxes, which will raise the price of Mulan a bit more.

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