The salon owner who exposed Pelosi raises $140,000 in just two days, by launching fundraising page

A fundraising campaign created on behalf of the San Francisco salon owner at the center of a dispute with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, raised more than $ 140,000 (£ 106,150) in just two days.

salon owner who exposed Pelosi raises $140,000

The GoFundMe page, which describes itself as the only official and valid fundraiser for eSalon owner Erica Kious, was created on Wednesday by former Nevada State Republican Party chair Amy Tarkanian and seeks to raise $ 300,000 (£ 226,990).

On Wednesday, Ms. Pelosi apologized to Ms. Kious, after criticizing the speaker’s hair quote, while the salon owner told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that her business was “finished” after receiving threats. of death, according to the Daily Mail.

The fundraising page reads: “Erica Kious, single mother of two and owner of the eSalon, where the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi got her hair done on Monday, is now forced to close and relocate her business and family. because of the indignation and threats, he is receiving.

“All donations will go directly to Erica to pay the debts of the business that she is forced to close, the costs of relocation and reopening in a new location”.

The controversy began on Tuesday when Fox News aired images from the salon, which showed Pelosi without a mask walking through the business after washing his hair.

Salons in San Francisco have been closed in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic but reopened for outdoor operations on Tuesday.

However, Pelosi, who serves as a Democratic congressman in California, was filmed walking around the room wearing the mask around her neck on a date on Monday and was later criticized by Ms. Kious.

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Speaking at a school reopening event in San Francisco’s Noe Valley on Wednesday, Ms. Pelosi dealt with the incident and told the San Francisco Chronicle, “I take it upon myself to speak about the neighborhood room I’ve been to. many times.

“It was a trap, and I take responsibility for falling in love with a trap,” adding, “I think this room owes me an apology for cheating on me.”

Later on Wednesday, Ms. Pelosi’s hairdresser, Jonathan DeNardo, released a statement via her attorney, backing her claims and saying that the salon owner, Ms. Kious, “authorized him” to “proceed. appointment of President Pelosi “two days earlier, on 29 August.

“Ms. Kious was particularly interested in the appointment during this phone call, in which she made several harsh and provocative comments about President Pelosi and his alleged responsibility to temporarily suspend Ms. Kious’s business operations,” reads the lawyer’s letter. Matthew Soleimanpour.

The attorney added: “The fact that Ms Kious now opposes President Pelosi’s presence at the eSalon, and from a simple review of Ms Kious’s political trends, it appears Ms Kious is promoting a Pelosi speaker configuration. for their own vain aspirations “.

Pelosi has been a staunch supporter of masks and has criticized President Donald Trump for repeatedly downplaying the need to cover his face, according to the Chronicle.

When asked why she was walking around the room without a mask covering her mouth and nose, Pelosi replied: “I just washed my hair. I don’t use a mask when I wash my hair.

“Do you wear a mask when you wash your hair? I always wear a mask … and that picture is when I just got out of the bowl.”

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After the footage aired on Tuesday, Ms. Kious criticized Pelosi, telling Fox News, “It was a slap in the face that she walked in, you know, she feels like she can go do her thing while no one else. can enter and I cannot work. ”

The salon owner added: “We’ve been closed for so long, not just me, but most small businesses and I just can’t, it’s a feeling, a feeling of being deflated, helpless and honestly beaten.”

However, through her attorney, Mr. DeNardo stated that Ms. Kious has been running the salon since April and wrote that “she is in possession of photographs, videos and information on witnesses that Ms. Kious, contrary to her previous statements to the print “.

The designer said Ms. Kious “actually ran her business during household orders and similar executive orders that limit in-store operations since April 2020”. Ms. Kious denied these claims.


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