World No1 Tennis Star Novak Djokovic Out From US OPEN after hitting Match judge

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic was sent off from the US Open for accidentally injuring a streak referee with a tennis ball after losing a match in his fourth-round match on Sunday, an impressive end to his 29-game winning streak and attempting to win the 18th. °. Peace speech. As he entered Arthur Ashe’s stadium for a change, trailing Pablo Carreño Busta 6-5 in the first set, ranked Djokovic, number one and a big favorite in the tournament, angrily hit a ball behind him. The ball flew straight into the judge’s line, who fell to his knees at the back of the court and hit his neck.


During an almost 10-minute near-the-net chat involving tournament referee Soeren Friemel, Grand Slam supervisor Andreas Egli and referee Aurelie Torte, Djokovic made his case. His argument was that he had broken the express line rule. He said: Yes, he was angry. Hit the ball. I collided with the rule of the line. The facts are very clear. But that was not my intention. I did not do it on purpose. “So he said he shouldn’t be missing,” said Friemel, who made the decision to end the game. “We all agree that he didn’t do it on purpose, but the facts are that he came to the judgment line and the referee was clearly injured.”


Friemel did not see what happened and said he was not authorized to check the replay of the video, but got a summary from Eggley and Torte. Friemel said that although Djokovic did not intend to harm the written judge, she was injured and that was enough to justify the trial. In the end, Djokovic came to shake hands with Carino Busta. Turn then announced that Djokovic had defaulted, amounting to expulsion from tennis.

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“I was a little surprised, right?” CariFno Busta later told a video conference press conference due to social distancing rules at the US Open, the first Grand Slam tournament to take place amid the coronavirus pandemic. Soon Djokovic left the tournament grounds without speaking to reporters and posted an apology on social media hours later in this whole situation left me really sad and empty. I checked the person’s lines and the heroism told me that thank goodness he’s fine. I’m sorry I put so much pressure on him. This is not intentional. Djokovic wrote. ”


He wrote: “In terms of exclusion, I have to go back in and work on my disappointment and make it all a lesson in growth and development as an actor and as a human being. I apologize for the USopen Championship and everyone related to my behavior.


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