Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones in White Color Are Coming, but for Limited Time

Last summer, the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones surpassed their predecessors and became our favorites. Eight months later, it seems Sony felt the need for a change, releasing a new limited edition headset in a silent white color. Check Out the Press Release

The new color scheme will launch in Europe between May and August or until stocks are exhausted, although we expect a global launch in the future.

But they won’t be cheap. Although the XM4 was already priced at $ 350, on a number of offers it has dropped to $ 278. However, Sony is raising the price to £ 400, or € 459 for new editions, which would likely have spent over $ 400 in the United States if they ever got here.

In terms of design, the white earbuds have the same bronze accents as the black and silver versions. The difference here, according to Sony, is that they have an extra layer of paint than their traditional counterparts. This seems to make them “even more stain-resistant”.

Sony has also applied a silent white finish to the supplied accessories, so the carrying case and cables match the look of the headphones.

The internal characteristics remain valid. Sony has updated the M4 over the M3 with a new Bluetooth (System on Chip) audio SoC that detects external noise over 700 times per second.

The new algorithm for the QN1 dedicated noise cancellation processor also amplifies the sound by applying its processing power in real-time.

They work in tandem to block noise in the frequency curve. In addition, the headphones use Digital Sound Enhancement technology, which brings compressed music files closer to high-resolution versions.

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Via: Sony

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