Facebook creates Clubhouse clone Live Audio Rooms App

New Concept app and the current viral social hub Clubhouse has shaken the base of many big social hubs. Even they are 100 times powerful than the Clubhouse, still the app manages to make those hubs victim to inferiority complex.

The app got so viral that even the celebrities and Billionaires like Ellon Musk, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, Kevin O Leary (Mr, Wonderful), and many others joined the platform already. Don’t forget that it’s hardly a year since the app launched.

In a year, the app got the value of billions. The Twitter authorities are interested in the acquisition of ClubHouse for 4 Billion USD. This will be a record-breaking deal.

Facebook has announced it will roll out a series of audio features in the next few months.

This includes Live Audio Rooms, its version of the popular app Clubhouse that allows people to listen and participate in live conversations.

Audio-only networks have become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

Facebook will also launch a new feature, Soundbites, where users can create and share short audio clips. The feature will be launched over the next few months, at first with a small number of creators.

Users will be able to make money in the Live Audio Rooms or with Soundbites, though it’s unclear if this will be available to anyone or just reserved for creators with large followings. Facebook will also allow users to listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook app.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement while speaking to journalist Casey Newton on Monday.

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In a statement, Facebook’s Fidji Simo said: “Audio seamlessly fits within our busy lives, allows us to be inspired by new ideas, and talk with other like-minded people without pressure.”

It is unclear how Facebook plans to moderate the audio channels. At around the same time, Mr. Zuckerberg announced Facebook’s plans, Reddit announced Reddit Talk, its version of Clubhouse.

New Source: bbc.com

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