I agree with the US Government about UFOs- UFOs are real

UFOs are real: Finally, in public, I get out of the closet. The UFO wardrobe.

I will just say it as far as I know: In 1972, when I was a 16-year-old high school student in Orono, Maine, I saw a UFO. From time to time I have told my friends what I saw that night, but I have not said much because I was worried that people would roll their eyes. He did not want people to think that he was delusional or that he had watched too many episodes of “X-Files”.

Of course I saw Mulder and Scully a bit in the ’90s, but I certainly wasn’t delusional. I saw what I saw: an unknown flying object.

My story has nothing to do with the little green men, the kidnapping of aliens or anything scary. It’s really amazing and ordinary at the same time. There was a sense of wonder and surprise, but no drama or panic. And it ended in about 10 seconds.

The message to tell my story now? Recent mainstream media events, including an article on “60 Minutes” in mid-May and a huge investigative story in the New Yorker earlier this month by Gideon Lewis-Kraus: “How the Pentagon began to take UFOs seriously .

The subtitle of this New York article states: “For decades, flying saucers have been a joke. Then the US government overcame the taboo. “And this slogan, for the recognition of the US government, is the key here. For years, denial and slander, the tacit suggestion that anyone who reported such phenomena was insane. Nevada Senator Harry Reid talked about how” “The government, all these years, has covered it. It is very, very bad for our country.”

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Now, the government has renamed UFO UAP, unrecognized aerial phenomena, no doubt because of the implications that UFOs have had for decades. But the New Yorker and “60 Minutes” have high-ranking government and military personnel trying to describe the inexplicable. Particularly powerful is former Navy lieutenant Ryan Graves, who talks about how the four crew members saw a UFO, Err UAP, just disappeared. That resonated with me.

UFOs are real:

My story: With a new driver’s license, I was going to pick up my parents from our local church. I parked my car on a street next to the building, the car tilts slightly upwards. Through the windshield, I could see the University of Maine Police Department.

As he looked carelessly out the window, a saucer-shaped object appeared with a series of colorful lights surrounding the underside of the ship. When I say appeared, I mean appeared. He did not come down. It floats directly above the dome and the antenna of the police station. I was not afraid, strangely. Instead, I said “yes” before I thought it would make sense to count the number of seconds it was there. I reached 10 and disappeared. He did not go up, he disappeared. And that was it.

It did not profoundly change my life, but it certainly opened the door to curiosity and intermittent thought, balancing my innate skepticism with the paranormal with what I know I saw. It certainly clarified my willingness to believe that there are things we observe beyond the rational explanation. But I guess I also wanted ratification.

When a denier UFO claimed that many of the reports observed did not comply with the laws of physics, their ultra-fast motion, their ability to appear and disappear, I thought, “That is true, but perhaps the laws of our physics do not. ” Applies to this super-smart life or its creations. “

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I read some books on the subject. “The world haunted by demons” by Carl Sagan, an award-winning Pulitzer Prize-winning scientist. Although he initially cleared his throat in the sense of UFOs, he later came back to life. “I know UFOs are real,” he told astronomer and urologist Dr. J. Allen Hynek in 1984. Hynek was one of the first scientists to take UFOs seriously and was a consultant to the Government Blue Book study. States in the 1960s.

Five years ago, I read Ben Mezrich’s compelling “37th Parallel.” (You know him from “Tearing Down the House” and “The Accidental Billionaires”). Skeptical of nature, Mezrich wrote:

I have discovered a huge amount of evidence that shows the possibility that they have visited us, at least once, in the last century. At the very least, there have been many UFO-related cover-ups in places like Roswell, New Mexico and Rendelsham Forest in the UK.

It did not hurt the faithful when Barack Obama confirmed the possibility:

There are images and files of objects in the sky, which we do not know exactly what they are. We can not explain how they move, their course. They did not have an easy explanatory plan. And so, you know, I think people are still serious about trying to research and find out what they are.

I am a supporter of the theory of the scientist / novelist Jacques Vallee that these performances may include visits from other dimensions that coexist separately with ours. I also tend to believe that these visitors have no hostile intentions. Since they have raised minds bigger than mine, if they are thousands of times more advanced than us, they can probably finish us off in an instant, if they wish. Or that we are like ants to them: a society organized for study.

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Regardless, an unclassified report is expected from the Pentagon on what the government knows about all of this. According to reports in the New York Magazine, it will be the most immediate and substantial account of unrecognized air phenomena ever released by the US government.

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