Kanye West Rebounds with Supermodel Irina Shayk, in France

Kanye West breaks up with his divorced wife Kim Kardashian and does it with her … Irina’s crazy Sheikh !!!

Ye and the supermodel, 44, appeared on BTW in Provence, France, on Tuesday. They were seen walking around the square of a luxury boutique hotel with some friends, smiling, and at the same time looking like a couple alone.

TMZ has confirmed that they are 100% romantic together, but our sources say it is not clear how serious they are at this point. In other words, yes … they do. At least it is definitely FWB status.

The big news comes immediately after Kim and the rest of the family, and I congratulate Kanye on his birthday in front of everyone with his posts on social media.

It’s a crazy development – it’s been less than 4 months since KK filed for divorce … and it seems that Kanye is already in new trouble. Remember, Kim was the first to submit the legal documents – as it were, shortly after she broke up with Kanye – but it doesn’t look like she’s taken the next step to go out there and meet someone new. At least … it is not open to the public.

Although Kim spoke a little about the breakup of the family on the TV show – saying that she felt unsuccessful because of the breakdown of her marriage – Ye was the exact opposite … she was more silent about it. But this move definitely says a lot.

Ye and Irina, who have a daughter with Bradley Cooper, have a professional past together – she previously modeled for Yeezy, walked the aisle in Ye’s signature dress at a Paris fashion show, and even recorded her own songs before. many.

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That is, yes, they are by no means strangers.

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Source@ TMZ

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