What was I supposed to do?: Woman suing Arkansas police after PIT maneuver flips her car at 60MPH on highway while she was PREGNANT when she did not pull over

Nicole Harper, PIT maneuver ‘risked the life and life of her unborn child’

An Arkansas woman is suing an Arkansas State Police officer for “negligently performing” a Follow Intervention Technique (PIT) maneuver that caused her car to spin at 60 miles per hour on a Highway in July 2020.

She claimed that Nicole Harper, who was pregnant at the time, drove 84 miles per hour in the 70 mph zone last summer. A few seconds after Arkansas State Police Officer Rodney Dunn turned on the patrol cruiser’s aerial lights, Harper moved into the right lane, turned on the emergency light, and slowed to 60 mph.

The lawsuit states that “because of the concrete barriers and the reduced shoulder on either side of the road, he was unable to hold his vehicle securely on his right or left shoulder … there was no place to safely tow his vehicle.”
Dashcam video of the incident shows Dunn hitting the pregnant woman’s left rear bumper about two minutes after she turned on the light, causing the car to spin against a concrete barrier.

“I thought it would be safer to wait until the performance,” Harper said in the opposite direction to Dunn in his car.

“No, ma’am, you must get out of the way when law enforcement stops you,” Dunn replied, trying to help Harper get out of the car. “We call it the PIT maneuver. When people run away from us… that’s what happens.”

“I didn’t run,” Harper replied.

Dunn accused Harper of failing to deliver the ambulance.Woman suing Arkansas police after PIT maneuver flips her car at 60MPH

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His attorney, Andrew Norwood, of law firm Denton & Zachary, claimed the PIT maneuver was “deadly force” and said an exit was only 1 mile away and concrete barriers were about 20 seconds down the road.

“He wants a policy change. He thinks they need to look at the policies surrounding the PIT maneuver and re-evaluate their use,” Norwood Fox News said on Wednesday. Said. “What has been done is ridiculous. … What has been done is extremely dangerous.”

Woman suing Arkansas police after PIT maneuver flips her car at 60MPH:

Norwood said she was a little uncomfortable with Harper’s experience and burst into tears when she first saw the video recently.

“What should I do in the future? I stop in the middle of the road? I lock the road and brake in the middle of the road, wherever I am.” Norwood spoke of Harper’s thinking. “What should I do if I’m on the bridge?” “It doesn’t matter where you are, just stop,” the officer said vaguely in the video.

Harper also protests that when he was stopped by a police officer, he did exactly what he learned in the field of driver training.

“Draw to the right side of the road—activate your turn signal or emergency light to let the attendant know you’re looking for a safe place to stop,” says the Arkansas Driver’s License Manual.

Arkansas state police did not receive multiple requests for comment Wednesday.

Last month’s FOX16 investigation revealed the increasing use of PIT maneuvers by Arkansas state police. According to the local news agency, PIT maneuvers were used 306 times between January 2017 and December 2020, half of them in 2020.

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The Washington Post reports that at least 30 people have been killed and hundreds injured in PIT maneuvers since 2016. Eighteen of these deaths occurred after police tried to stop a person for speeding or another minor traffic violation.

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Source@ Fox News

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