Boris Johnson hails UK’s ‘indestructible relationship’ with US

Boris Johnson claimed that Britain had an “unbreakable bond” with the United States after a bilateral meeting with President Joe Biden on Thursday.

It is known that the Prime Minister was not interested in the outdated expression of “special attitude” because he believed that Britain was weak.

However, in an interview with the BBC after the meeting, Biden tried to undermine the rapprochement between the two countries, despite his concerns about a harmful confrontation over the EU-Northern Ireland protocol.

“Look, the term ‘special relationship’ is not negative, because it’s special. But you know, it means that Britain and the United States have a real consensus on some issues that are really important to the world. That’s why we believe in democracy so much.” “We believe in human rights, we believe in rules, I believe in the international order, we believe in the transatlantic union.”

When asked what he would call the relationship between the two countries, he said: “Everything you want can be called a ‘deep and meaningful connection’, an ‘inviolable connection’. It is a long-standing relationship. It is a long time and peace and prosperity in both Europe and the world.” is an important part. ”

Johnson denied that Biden said he would resolve the conflict in the EU-Northern Ireland protocol, instead reiterating the importance of a Good Friday / Belfast agreement for both the UK and the US.

When Biden arrived in the UK, it emerged that senior US diplomats had warned Britain’s struggling Brexit negotiator, David Frost, that his actions risk escalating tensions in Northern Ireland.

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Lord Frost will attend the G7 summit on Friday. Asked about the dispute with the EU, Johnson repeatedly said that both sides would “resolve”.

However, the prime minister was critical of the EU’s approach to implementing the protocol. “There are ways to implement the protocol, and the way it works can be extremely difficult,” he said. “Let me give you just one statistic: 20% of inspections in the EU are now three times more in Northern Ireland than in Rotterdam.”

Pressuring that an agreement could be reached with the participation of EU leaders and the leaders of France, Germany, and Italy over the weekend, the leader said the summit would focus on other issues.

“No, no, no. No. Here we look at a lot of what the G7 wants to see. We look at the pandemic in the world, we look at what we can do to keep the world unprepared. Again, we are not preparing for a pandemic in the West.”

After meeting with Biden, Britain promised to continue working with the EU to find a solution, but this does not rule out unilateral action. French President Emmanuel Macron said as he prepared to fly to Cornwall that “nothing can be discussed” about the protocol.

A ban on the export of chilled meat, including sausages and dried meat products from the UK to Northern Ireland, will come into force in accordance with EU agricultural regulations.

Other G7 leaders will arrive in Cornwall on Friday and discuss survival from the pandemic at the first official meeting in the afternoon before meeting the Queen at the Eden Project.

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