Lorde Drops ‘Solar Power’ Music Video and Announces Long-Awaited Third Album: ‘I’m Completely Obsessed’

It’s been four springs since Lorde’s 2017 Melodrama album, and although her first performance was a small sob, the singer-songwriter returned with a confident, sunny single, “Sunshine.” Accompanied by a music video shared with Lorde Joel Mullet – dressed in bright yellow, earthy tones in the center, surrounded by partners scattered on the beach – is the first single he confirmed to his fans on a bulletin today. There will be a new album called Solar Power.

The song accidentally landed on the broadcast earlier this day but was filmed and released on official platforms tonight. Although the release date of the record has not yet been announced, the title piece features several support vocalists whose careers have come true since they met familiar colleagues – co-author and co-author of Jack Antonoff – and Lorde – Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo. He released his last album in 2017.

Instead of the melodrama’s careless, drunken escape from the city, “Solar Energy” celebrates the sand, saltwater, and a “new mood.” Lorde is hosting a meeting in New Zealand from the summer of January for the audience who came to us in the last days of the Covid-19 pandemic a few years later – or ahead – a meeting that felt dark. living in quarantine. The song’s cowardly guitar and Lorde’s agile voice give bright compliments: “Are you coming, baby?” It’s hard not to watch him murmur.

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