Harry Hamlin reveals how his romance with Ursula Andress began: ‘I didn’t know what to say’

The two met while working on ‘Clash of the Titans’

Harry Hamlin talks about a past romance.

The 69-year-old actor thought back to 1981 when he met his ex-girlfriend Ursula Andress while working on the Clash of the Titans.

The star recalled meeting Andress as a child – Andress is 16 years older than herself – when she first saw the James Bond movie “Dr. No”.

“I just didn’t see Dr. No, but for some unknown reason, my parents gave me a five-year subscription to Playboy for Christmas when I was 12,” he told Yahoo Entertainment. “I never knew why they did it. Because I already have children,” It’s weird! “I think so.”

Harry Hamlin reveals how his romance with Ursula Andress began:

The star continued: “But Ursula was in one of those Playboys and I remember it well. I didn’t say that to her when I first met her. I don’t think I said ‘By the way’, Ursula, I loved you building a Playboy when I was 13!”

The two did not share any scenes in the movie “Clash”, but this did not prevent them from starting a romance after meeting at a staff dinner in London.

“Everyone came and put me next to Ursula,” Hamlin recalled. “I didn’t know exactly what to say to him, but somehow the market came up and I said I was going to the flea market a week before I flew to London. One day he called me at the hotel. He filmed there and said, ‘I’m only five houses away from the hotel and the flea market tomorrow in Porta. Portese. Do you want to go there? ‘ he said. ”

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“That’s what happened!” he added.

However, the director of “Clash” Desmond Davis did not come without a romantic obstacle, as he watched Hamley carefully, suspecting that the actor was involved in a second romance on the set.

“She thought I was with someone in the makeup department, and she said she was in love with this man,” said the Emmy nominee. “He was jealous of me all the time! He would stay on the same floor with me in the hotel to keep the door open and see if I ran into the makeup room. He told him, ‘Desmond, I don’t know him, he’s just doing my makeup!’ ‘But he always focused on it; it was weird. ”

However, now 85-year-old Hamlin and Andress had a long-term relationship from 1979 to 1983 and now have a 41-year-old son, Dmitri. Since then, Hamlin has married three other actresses: Laura Johnson, Nicolette Sheridan, and his current wife, Lisa Rinna.

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