Reds cool off Brewers 10-2 to earn 4th straight victory

While the Milwaukee Brewers play like any other team, the Cincinnati Reds’ new player, Vladimir Gutiérrez, is the only one with the number.

Gutiérrez and three substitutes combined in 12 shots to help the Reds’ fourth straight win as they beat the Brewers 10-2 on Monday night.

The 25-year-old right-back defeated Milwaukee for the second time in less than a week. The Brewers have been 0-2 against Gutiérrez in their last 11 games, 9-0 against everyone.

Reds manager David Bell said: “He’s still a young shooter, but intervening as a human being and dealing with situations is the most effective thing.” He said. “The whole organization has been thinking a lot about it for a long time, and you’re trying to find the right time in its development to bring it into this situation. I think it’s the right time.”

Gutiérrez allowed the Brewers to win 7-3 over two rounds in seven balls on Wednesday. This time he gave up two rounds and got six hits out of six.

Reds cool off Brewers 10-2 to earn 4th straight victory:

“Last time I wanted to adopt what I was working against brewers,” Gutiérrez said through an interpreter. “Sure, I hit seven last time, but I had the same idea at the beginning.”

Joey Votto and Aristides Aquino set two runs for the Reds each. Votto went 2 to 4, scored two goals, and continued in three rounds.

Gutiérrez (3-1) gave his third consecutive start to his career in the fourth game. Heath Hembree, Amir Garrett, and Art Warren came together for the perfect three-shot vacation.

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The Brewers had a base runner and could not shoot after the second shot.

Daniel Vogelbach, who defeated Gutiérrez in the first bout, said, “You have to give credit when it’s time for credit.” “He put us in a difficult situation in two games in a row. He has a really good fastball and throws a curveball to hit whenever he wants. He’s a man in a groove who’s doing what he wants right now. The mound.”

Milwaukee ended a four-match winning streak, but drew 1-2 with the Chicago Cubs in the NL Central, losing 5-2 to the New York Mets.

Jonathan went 3 to 4 with RBI for India, Run, and Reds.

Starting player Eric Lauer (1-3) allowed four runs and five shots in five shots. He struck three, walked four, and set off with the victim’s fly.

Lauer worked on the first shot, where he gave up one shot and walked twice, but only made one run. India took a single shot and Votto scored as he descended to the top with loaded bases.

After Vogelbach’s homer closed the game at the bottom, the Reds took the lead with three runs in the second shot, which gave them an RBI double from India and an escape score from Jesse Winker.

Brewers manager Craig Counsell said he didn’t know where the ball went in the first two halves. “He came out in the first shot, but there were 30 shots. Then in the second shot, he threw a little ball in the middle of the shooting zone, they hit really hard.”

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Votto defeated defender Eric Yardley in seventh place. Eugenio Suárez scored a two-point single and Aquino Hoby Milner in ninth.


Reds: Bell said INF Mike Moustakas plans to play at Triple-A Louisville in Omaha on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in hopes of returning to Cincinnati’s San Diego weekend squad. Moustakas has been out of action since May 18 due to a wound in his right heel.

Birch is: 2B Colten Wong hit the field on June 4 while returning from a left-handed strain that put him on the injured list.


Hunter Strickland made his Brewers debut and finished eighth without a goal. The Brewers set Strickland in motion earlier in the day, and Triple-A preferred Patrick Weigel over Nashville.

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Source@ Fox News

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