The 18 Best Lipsticks to Spend Vaxxed Girl Summer In

Sometimes applying makeup in the summer can be a little pointless, but completely meaningless. With all this heat and humidity, sweat can damage an appearance that requires precious time and effort (something most of us don’t want to spend after a pandemic). But where there is the air that creates makeup, there are many lightweight, long-lasting formula solutions with all the fun and bright shades that #VaxxedGirlSummer begs for.

That’s why we asked some of our favorite makeup artists to tell us about the best lipstick shades (both literal and figurative) for the hottest season of the year. Check out our selection of the best 18 lipsticks for summer and some of Allure’s own staples below.

If you are looking for a little pink for a lip that you have little desire for, a classic ultra matte red that is durable to wear on the edge of a coral or pool that stops equally bright and comfortable traffic, we have something for you. This list contains the best lipsticks to meet all your summer needs.

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About-Face’s Paint-It Lip color gives an incredibly delicate, flowing texture that feels ridiculously light and comfortable. And being super matte means it can withstand anything – wearing a mask, swimming, going to hell, or even doomsday – without moving. Saccharine, which is watermelon pink, offers a sweet summer color.

Lip Bar Liquid Matte Lipstick, Bawse Lady

As makeup artist Delina Medhin explains, there is no one in the world who doesn’t look spectacular in the shade of Bawse Lady in medium red with the blue tone of Lip Bar. “The formula doesn’t dry out your lips and lasts all day,” she says.

Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick at Coral Kiss

There’s a reason Charlotte Tilbury’s K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick at Coral Kiss won the Best Beauty Award in 2020. Although this bullet formula is ultra-matte, it is smooth to the touch and incredibly comfortable on the lips. Plus, this soft orange color can no longer scream “pool party.”

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Clinique Almost Black Honey Lipstick

Gothic girl summer, someone? Just a joke – Clinique’s Approximate Lipstick Shade Black Honey isn’t as dark on the lips as it appears on the tube. Instead, this balm color provides a deep berry pigment shine that subtly darkens the shade of your natural lips.

E.L.F. Wild Peach Cosmetics Delicate Slick Lipstick

If you have a loved child with lipstick, lip gloss, and lip balm, chances are E.L.F. looked like. Cosmetics’ Delicate Slick Lipstick. This hardly available formula comes in numerous bright shades of red, pink, and orange, perfect for summer, but our personal favorite is Wild Peach, which is the perfect middle ground between coral and flowers.

Makeup artist Lavonne uses Nyx Professional Makeup’s #ThisIsEverything Lip Cream as one of her favorite summer products, thanks to its moisturizing, non-sticky feel. If you ask TikTok, the Transparent Lavender shade is perfect for creating an icy look inspired by the 90s.

Glossier says the Ultralip line is “cashmere sweat pants for lipsticks” and is not mistaken. With an aqueous blend of watermelon extract, jojoba oil and more, this formula provides a noticeably smooth feel with color. Spring sounds bright colors, so we walk with the shade of Fête, which is a reddish-pink color.

Joah Beauty TMI Velvet Lipstick at WYD?

The word “velvet” in the title of this Joah Beauty lipstick formula couldn’t really be more appropriate. TMI is gloomy, but not necessarily dry, in a straight sense, you can think when you hear that word. Shadow WYD with blurred appearance? like your own lips but better presents a delicate flower.

Makeup artist Tommy Napoli knew he had found a new summer product when he discovered Runway Rogue’s Silk Glam Liquid Lipstick. “The formula and finish are really unique; they’re made of really fine-grained glitter, so they’re very sized and bring so much life to the face,” he explains. Personal favorite? The Sex Symbol is plum brown.

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If you’re ready to stop the traffic, it’s time to take out Maybelline New York’s Ultimate Fine Lipstick in a more Magenta shade, because the pink colors don’t really shine any brighter. Plus: The Ultimate formula contains a weave pigment that is truly inviolable.

Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Extra Lipstick

For those who prefer to keep things simple in the spring, rely on Bobbi Brown’s soft and elegant Extra Lip Color. Just get it from Medhin: “If you’re used to carrying lip balm in your bag, but want something you don’t need to apply with your fingers, this is a great alternative.” The nude pink shade shown above emphasizes the natural color of your lips – seriously, no one knows you’re wearing it.

Revlo’s completely pigmented Satin Ink formula may look like a factory-matte liquid inside, but it actually creates a lacquer-like shine. And My Own Patron ‘bright, true red, is definitely not for those who want to hide from the spotlight in the summer.

According to Murphy, the brighter and bolder this summer shade is, the better, and YSL’s Rose Curieux shade definitely walks both boxes. In terms of the formula, you definitely get the value of your money. “It’s not matte, it’s not drying, and you can feel the quality of the materials,” Murphy says.

Surprisingly, it’s not SPF that attracts Allure staff to Sun Bum’s Naked Beach Color Lip Balm (this formula has SPF 15, but we still recommend using dermatologists – 30 is recommended everywhere). Rather, it is a delicate copper glitter that makes you look like you have just come out of the sun.

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Surratt Beauty Lipslique at Nu de Soleil

If you’ve ever asked makeup artist William Murphy to choose the most summer product, then Surratt Beauty’s Lipslique at Nu De Soleil. “The color is great for different skin types and feels like a self-moisturizing balm, but definitely adds a little color,” she says.

Of all the products in Zara’s beauty line that went on sale recently, the Tinted Balm Stick is undoubtedly a favorite of Allure editors. The moisturizing effect of Say Kiss shade and the feeling of comfort, combined with the delicate, soft floral shades, are all you really need on a day without makeup.

Saint Jane Soothing Luxury Lip Gloss Tonic

Thanks to Saint Jane’s Calming Luxe Lip Gloss, an equally bright and nourishing formula (with chamomile and aloe vera among other star ingredients), it’s almost impossible not to fall in love. Lavonne relied on Tonic, a peach healing light for customers all season.

Josephine Cosmetics Tiphaine Liquid Lipstick

“What lipstick are you wearing right now?” This is a question you will ask when wearing this universally flattering, bright, blue-red shade of Josephine Cosmetics. Frankly, thanks to the ridiculously high pigment levels, a small part of this liquid formula goes a long, long way. And it doesn’t move … seriously, rub your palm a little and try to rub.

We love it because we have added it to our 2021 Allure Beauty Box line. You can rate the Allure Beauty Box for only $ 23 to get more editor favorites.

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