Spain’s Alvaro Morata on epic win, death threats: My family supports me – Spain vs Croatia

After recent insults and threats, Alvaro Morata has dedicated his extra-time goal to help Spain qualify for the Euro 2020 quarterfinals in the epic match where Spain beat Croatia 5-3.

Morata scored in the 100th minute of the 16th round clash – after Croatia bounced back 3-1 five minutes to stay 3-3 – Mikel Oyarzabal scored a victory that saw Spain win a tournament qualifying match for the first time since 2012.

After losing his chance in the group games played in Seville, Spain last week, Morata said that his family received threatening messages from the fans and called for the police to take action, head coach Luis Enrique said.

“We’ve seen some distasteful things over the last few weeks, but most of Spain has gotten on board,” Morata said on Monday. Said. “The target is my wife, my children, my family, and everyone who supports me. You often have to go through tough times, suffer, enjoy the good times.”

Spain’s Alvaro Morata on epic win, death threats:

Luis Enrique, who has stayed with Morata and has selected four Euro 2020 matches so far, praised the 28-year-old at his post-match press conference.

I don’t think a coach doesn’t appreciate, appreciate, and praise a player like Alvaro Morata. “He’s defending like a center-back, dominating the air, scoring goals, he can resist you like he’s strong. We have to value Alvaro to be in the national team.”

The coach came under pressure after Spain’s 0-0 win with Sweden and a 1-1 draw with Poland, the team responded to criticism with a 5-0 defeat against Slovakia and a dramatic victory on Monday.

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If that happens, I’m ready to go to the quarter-finals in the same fashion.” “I don’t know if my family and friends can handle it, but the end is very good… Oddly enough, we got a second chance in the match. The mistake we made was that we played 3-1. We just had to try to defend and it didn’t last long. We learned how Spain should play 5-3 or at best. At least we played Spain, which was defended by the ball.”

Luis Enrique also backed goalkeeper Unai Simon as he failed to collect a pass from midfielder Pedri to give Croatia the opening goal.

“Football is the wrong game,” he said. “I’ve never seen a player make a mistake in my career… Unai Simon has taught a lesson to professionals and every kid who wants to be a football player. Don’t worry about the mistakes you make. You made incredible saves after making an obvious mistake, you have a personality.

“It was a very tense game. I played a little bit, but this game had a little bit of everything,” he said. “Let me tell you the title: enjoy your football.”

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