BBC presenter Lisa Shaw gave husband final kiss and said ‘I’m tired’ before tragic death

Lisa Shaw sadly died in May, a week after taking her Covid taxi, and her husband, Gareth Eve, spoke to her about her last moments.

The late BBC presenter Lisa Shaw gave her husband one last kiss before she died of grief and said she was “tired”.

Lisa, who works for BBC Newcastle, died of a “severe” headache in May at the age of 44, and suffered a cerebral hemorrhage a week after receiving Covid’s car.

The TV presenter spent his last moments with his wife, Gareth Eve, in an extremely addictive ward of the hospital.

When Lisa last spoke before she died, she told BBC star Victoria Derbyshire: “I went to see her and she told me to go home and see my son because it was late.
“She said I’m tired. I kissed her. And I never spoke to her again.”

One certificate states that one of the possible causes of death was “a complication of the AstraZeneca Covid-19 virus vaccine.”

BBC presenter Lisa Shaw gave husband final kiss and said ‘I’m tired’ before tragic death:

A proud mother, Lisa developed symptoms a week after her first pregnancy and fell seriously ill a few days later.

It was not known whether the server had health problems.

Gareth explained how excited he was for Lisa to get in the taxi because he was “excited” to “hug her mom”.

Lisa’s husband said he was “definitely not anti-vaccine for mess”, but said people should be given an alternative to the AstraZeneca bottle when there is “a cloud over it”.

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“What the vaccine does is incredible. It’s amazing what these people have done to get the country back on its feet.
“But we have to acknowledge that there are families affected by this taxi.”

In May, the bereaved family announced that Lisa had died at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle after being treated in intensive care for blood clots and bleeding.

People under the age of 40 are being offered an alternative to the AstraZeneca vaccine in the UK after reports of a very rare blood clot in the brain and low blood platelet counts.

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News source@ Mirror

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