Britney Spears slams people ‘who never showed up for’ her: ‘How dare you’

The star recently hired Mathew Rosengart to represent him in the conservative lawsuit.

Britney Spears is making noise again.

The attorney hasn’t shied away from sharing Spears’ thoughts on social media since he released Sam Ingham, which he claims had encouraged him to remain silent.

When his new attorney, Mathew Rosengart, was confirmed in court a few days ago, the 39-year-old Toxic singer used the hashtag #FreeBritney to demand an end to his conservatism without hesitation to join the chorus of his supporters.

“Never forget those who don’t see you when you need someone and help you without asking.”
“There is nothing worse than the people closest to you who write about your situation and rightly speak in support,” he said. “There is nothing worse than this!!!!”

The star continued: “How dare your favorite people say anything in general… did they even reach out to pick me up on time!!! ??? How dare you tell the public how much you are.. did you reach out while I was drowning???? ”
The ‘Kavshak’ actor did not say who he was talking about, but said he knew who the subjects were.

“And you really have the courage to say anything about my situation just to save your face for yourself!!!” The spear continued. “If you’re going to send something… Please be fair when you’re this far from justice, it’s not funny”

It was a big week for Spears after her victory in court with Rosengart’s consent. The change in representation comes after a bombardment last month against his father, Jamie, and the conservatism he has controlled since 2008.
In his witness statement, he described conservatism as “humiliating” and said it was “traumatic”.

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News source@ Foxnews

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