Boris Johnson is taking another huge gamble by lifting lockdowns in England. Even he admits it could lead to more deaths from Covid

On Monday, Boris Johnson will place British citizens at the center of an experiment that shows that a country with a high incidence of coronavirus is doing very well when locking restrictions are lifted.

According to Johnson, the majority of the adult population in England is now vaccinated twice. However, these vaccines reduce the number of people who become seriously ill and prone to the disease after more than 128,000 deaths, and the number of cases increases. There is little evidence that vaccines prevent the long-term effects of Covid in infected individuals.

Other countries with a smaller population in the UK, such as Galler, Scotland and Northern Ireland, are also vaccinated at a high rate, although only the UK took the step on Monday.

Almost all restrictions in the UK will be lifted on Monday. The obligation to wear a mask will be lifted, restrictions on the number of people who can mingle outside and outside will end, public distances with people with positive virus distances and airports will be limited, and venues such as nightclubs and sports stadiums will be free. opens at full power.

If someone is associated with an NHS coronavirus tracker and tracker application, they will have to isolate themselves by August 16, during which time double-vaccinated people will be able to continue as normal.

Boris Johnson is taking another huge gamble by lifting lockdowns in England. Even he admits it could lead to more deaths from Covid:

As events continue to grow rapidly in the UK, more and more people are saying that the application isolates itself. In the week to July 7, 520,000 warnings raised concerns about the program’s impact on the economy.

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Johnson himself could not escape the tracking and tracking scheme. Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak was warned on Saturday after contacting Health Minister Sajid Javid, who broke the coronavirus test.

Downing Street initially announced that instead of isolating the two, they would take part in a “daily contact test pilot” that was not open to the general public. But after hours and public condemnation, the authorities reversed their decision and said they would both isolate themselves.
Boris Johnson insists that the success of the vaccine could be lifted, despite growing numbers.
This is not the Prime Minister’s first pandemic gesture: on December 2, he ended the curfew by promising people a normal Christmas, a promise he would make when he was forced to impose restrictions again.

In the summer of 2020, the government actively encouraged an unvaccinated crowd to return to bars and restaurants and even went so far as to offer financial incentives. And he chose to go it alone and not join European partners in the supply of vaccines; It was a decision that worked in the first place because Britain was ahead of its neighbors in deceiving people.

Johnson defended his final decision because growth was “expected”. Where such information from the past would normally lead a government to “further lockdown”, he said he was confident that the “sustained effectiveness of vaccine distribution” could deliver what the British public had been waiting for. . Freedom Day “on July 19.

Johnson acknowledged that this meant “unfortunately reconciling ourselves to death more than covid.” But, “If the arrival of summer and school holidays can’t open our society in a few weeks that will help us, we should ask ourselves when we can normalize.”
What could be wrong?

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The hospitality industry, a key sector of the British economy, will undoubtedly benefit the most from the easing of restrictions. While most residences have some difficulty returning to work and earning money, lifting the restrictions is no problem.

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK Hospitality, said many places would limit themselves to avoid the practical problems caused by the virus.

As a result, the required “(NHS coronavirus) application pings and subsequent self-isolation” will significantly exacerbate existing labor shortages in the market, “he said,” which is the biggest challenge many of these businesses will face. ”

Nicholls added that some places will only be open on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day, which will “affect their ability to heal.” It’s a nervous thing, because now “for the first time in 17-18 months, they will be able to go alone.”

In addition, such establishments must ensure the safety of their seats by taking measures such as screens between tables, maintaining social distance, and possibly staying true to table service, which affects the bottom line.

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