British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton overcomes crash and time penalty to claim famous win

Lewis Hamilton returned from a 10-second penalty for colliding with championship rival Max Verstappen to overtake Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and win a stunning English Grand Prix victory.

Hamilton was accused of colliding with Verstappen Red Bull in the corner of Copse in the first lap of the race and causing the Dutchman to crash.

While Hamilton was trying to win the race, 23-year-old Verstappen was taken to hospital after the accident.

The Grand Prix was stopped after an incident led by Leclerc Hamilton, and the Ferrari driver, a Mercedes driver, ironically remained in that position until the last two laps when he passed Verstappen in the same corner where he crashed.

The controversial victory in front of a crowd of 140,000 was Hamilton’s eighth victory at the British Grand Prix and reduced Verstappen’s championship to eight points after a race that would go down in F1 history.

“It’s very difficult. It was a very difficult race physically, it was great weather,” said Hamilton.

British Grand Prix: Lewis Hamilton overcomes crash and time penalty to claim famous win:

“It was hard, but I did my best this week. I’m just trying to research the performance with the kids in this car. I’m proud of everyone, even though we’re Red Bull open.”

He added about his accident with Verstappen: “I just try to be discreet in my approach – very aggressive, especially against Max. And today I was completely with him and he did not give me a place, so …

“But whether I took the penalty or not, I hit my jaw and kept working. I wouldn’t let anything get in my way.”

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Verstappen later called Hamilton “disrespectful” and “unsportsmanlike” in response to his remarks in the podium.
What happened in the accident?

At one point in this great battle between Verstappen and Hamilton, the moment that many thought was inevitable came after the first tense battle between the championship rivals.

Hamilton, who started second in the network after Verstappen’s victory in the first ‘run’ of the F1 on Saturday, corrected the situation when the Red Bull driver entered the first corner, but Verstappen stopped him.

Hamilton took the lead in the Brooklands corner right at the end of Wellington, but was stopped again.

190mph Copse stepped into the corner, tricked Verstappen, forged it outside, and then dived inside.

Hamilton parked more than half of his car next to Verstappen when he started to turn, but when he saw the Dutchman sitting outside, he stepped back a bit and Red Bull took the lead.

Hamilton was a little wider at the top, and the left front wheel touched Verstappen’s right rear wheel in the middle of the corner, and the impact caused Verstappen to fly over the barriers outside.

The woman, who complained of dizziness after such a severe blow, got out of the car and walked around before being taken to the district medical center for compulsory examinations.

Team director Christian Horner said he measured 51G and Verstappen was taken to a local hospital for a “more backup test.”

Based on what they wrote to punish Hamilton, the race commissioners concluded that the Mercedes driver was “in the corner” and “did not escape contact” when Verstappen returned, and concluded that Hamilton was “basically”. wrong “.

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Source@ BBC

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