Ford Is Making a Gasoline Fragrance for EV Owners Who Miss the Smell of Fossil Fuels

Ford seems to have the solution for EV owners who believe they might lose the smell of gasoline and chemicals. Ford has now created a premium fragrance to satisfy the craving for the atmospheric scents of traditional gasoline cars.
According to Ford, a poll says 70 percent of car owners say they’ll miss the gasoline smell even more if they switch to an electric vehicle. The company also found that the smell of gasoline is just as high as the smell of cheese and wine.

Ford’s new Mach-Eau, an apparent correspondence with the company’s Ford Mach-E, is the company’s olfactory solution to fragrance replacement. Although the fragrance is not currently for sale, Ford describes the fragrance reminiscent of gasoline, with notes of almond-shaped benzaldehyde, better known as odor, which is associated with car interiors, and para-cresol, which is similar to the smell of rubber tires. The scent combines a mixture of other scents such as lavender, geranium, sandalwood, and blue ginger. For smoky and metallic scent sandalwood is included to convey the “horse impression”.

It remains to be seen whether Ford’s next electric vehicle will wrap up the scent for their car owners.

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Source@ HypeBeast

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