iPhone 13 release date: iPhone 13 rumors – New ‘Sunset Gold’ color and a virtual September Apple event

We don’t have any official information yet, but Apple’s new iPhone could arrive for a virtual event in September. Here are all the iPhone 13 release date sounds we’ve heard so far iPhone 13 release date

Apple’s new iPhone, called iPhone 13, may get a new color option. Ranzuk’s latest soundtrack, which was leaked to Korean blogging platform Naver, says that the iPhone 13 may be offered in a bronze “Sunset Gold” similar to Apple’s gold. The iPhone 13 was previously said to be pink and matte black.

More iPhone 13 rumors about the iPhone’s sale date have also escalated this week. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman said in a recent Power On newsletter that the next event, which is rumored to be set on Apple’s new iPhone, will be purely virtual. Gurman thinks this is due to the tech giant’s decision to delay his return to work amid rising COVID-19 events.

As previously reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we’ve heard that there will be four phones in the iPhone 13 series – iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. This series is compatible with last year’s four iPhone 12 models. But the end is not the same: the iPhone 13’s price and design are familiar.

iPhone 13 release date: iPhone 13 rumors – New ‘Sunset Gold’ color and a virtual September Apple event:

We’ve rounded up these rumors and everything we’ve heard below, including the iPhone 13’s release date (rumored September as usual), how the iPhone 13 might compare to the iPhone 12, and everything we know about the iPhone. 13. Features including price, cameras and more. (And don’t miss our iPhone 13 wish list.) We have a few months of speculation before Apple unveils its next flagship, so shut up and read on. We will update this story as new information becomes available.

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Battery: Higher capacity doesn’t mean iPhone 13 will have longer battery life

Earlier in June, a rumor from Chinese social media platform Weibo suggested that the iPhone 13 will have larger batteries than the iPhone 12. Features shared on Twitter by Leak @L0vetodream require a battery of 2,406 mAh for the iPhone 13 Mini, 3,095 mAh for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, and up to 4,325 mAh for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

These battery sizes are upgrades based on the respective specs of the iPhone 12 (although Apple hasn’t revealed official battery specs). However, battery life isn’t the same as battery capacity, so it’s possible that the iPhone 13’s increase in battery size doesn’t translate into longer battery life. It all depends on other improvements to the phone and how well the software is optimized for battery life. However, compared to other premium phone brands, Apple lacks batteries. For example, the batteries in Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series range from 4,000 to 5,000 mAh.

According to Max Weinbach of EverythingApplePro on YouTube, the iPhone 13 may have some new tricks with faster wireless charging and possible reversibility. Reverse charging is a feature that lets you charge other Qi devices on the back of your phone. Weinbach thinks the upcoming iPhone 13 will have this feature, thanks to a larger wireless charging coil and a stronger magnetic set on the back of the phone. Many rivals of the iPhone already have wireless charging, including the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and OnePlus 8 Pro. However, Apple has not yet introduced its features to the iPhone.

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Release date: iPhone 13 should be here by mid-September iPhone 13 release date

So far, there is no official or unofficial information on when we will see Apple’s next iPhone. The April report claimed that production of the new iPhone chips was running ahead of schedule and that Apple was delaying the iPhone 13’s release date to the pre-pandemic timeline. Normally, we can predict exactly when Apple’s iPhone will be released and we can predict a release date accordingly.

But 2020 was a different story – it was the first Apple event in eight years without an iPhone due to production delays due to a coronavirus pandemic. This year, however, Kuo anticipates that, as usual, work will be done on Apple’s supply chain. If so, we can expect the iPhone 13 to be unveiled at an event in September.

Let’s synthesize the information we received:

Apple likes to hold events on Tuesday or Wednesday.
iPhone release dates are usually a week and a half after Apple’s announcement.
Generally, new iPhones go on sale Friday, around the third week of September.
A few years ago, CNET took a deep interest in Apple’s event schedule and came up with an impressive Labor Day hypothesis, which you can read 2021.

iPhone 13 Price: iPhone 13 may be the same as iPhone 12 or less

Apple’s iPhone 12 kit consisted of four phones for four prices, which differed significantly between carriers and storage configurations. Initially, the base iPhone 12 carrier model cost $799, up $100 from the 2019 iPhone 11, mainly thanks to 5G support. Analysts are predicting a similar price structure in 2021 as the iPhone 13 is not expected to have such a big technical boost.

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