Five Android apps we’re most excited to see on Windows 11

Android apps are ported to Windows 11, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities

Windows 11 will support Android apps and bring millions of new apps to PCs. You will be able to download apps through the Amazon App Store or download apps to Windows 11. Between these two methods, some of the biggest application gaps will be filled that excite me for the future of applications in Microsoft’s upcoming operating system.

In November last year, I asked our readers which Android apps and games they would use on their computers. I’ve compiled some of these thoughts, my wish list, and talked to our writers at Windows Central and Android Central to create the five Android apps we’ll be most excited to see in Windows 11.

Amazon’s own apps

First of all, I decided to put this list together to protect it from applications developed by Amazon. Not surprisingly, the Amazon App Store features Amazon-developed ComiXology, Audible, and Kindle. All this will be a welcome addition to the Microsoft Store and Windows 11. Between the web and legacy apps, you can now get some features from these services on Windows, but Android apps on the Amazon Store should provide a better experience.

For example, you can read Kindle books using Microsoft Edge. It offers a good but not great experience. Using Kindle Cloud Reader via Edge has many features, including offline use, but it’s not as touch-friendly as a native app. Developed by Amazon for the best Amazon Fire tablets, owning the Kindle app should provide a better experience on Windows.

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Windows 11 already has an Instagram app, but it doesn’t allow you to upload content (yet). The Instagram app on the Amazon App Store supports uploading photos and videos, streaming live video, and posting missing content via Instagram Direct. Considering that all these features work when it comes to the Windows 11 app, it should offer a more complete and robust Instagram experience.

Using the Instagram app from the Amazon App Store will not be required for future downloads. Facebook supports Windows and macOS content downloads, but only a few people can make that choice. The good news is that people with PCs will be able to upload content to Instagram from Windows 11, whether it’s an updated Windows app or an Android app.

Google apps

Like the Amazon apps listed above, I’ve decided to put all of Google’s apps in one group, including YouTube and Google Maps, so that I can spread my love to other apps. The future of Google apps in Windows 11 is a little more confusing than the apps I mentioned above. Although you can download apps on Windows 11, there may be restrictions for apps that require Google Play services.

There is a good chance that people will find a way out of these restrictions, but nothing is guaranteed. Also, the average user won’t want to take any extra steps to launch their favorite apps.

Despite all that, at least some Google apps are limited, but they should be available in Windows 11 in some form.

mobile games

You can feel the tendency to combine application types. You’ll also notice the tendency for some apps not to know the exact details of how they will work in Windows 11. Microsoft did not share details on how Android apps will appear in the new operating system. How they can work in full screen or how they can support touch controls are question marks at this point.

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What we do know is that there will be millions of games in Windows 11 that you couldn’t play on your computer before. Many of the best Android games are not available on the Amazon App Store, so you will likely have to resort to side downloads. Those who only use the Amazon store will have great options like Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

What do you want

This may seem very simple, but since you can download Android apps on Windows 11, it’s more appropriate to point out that there will be literally millions of apps. For example, my American football team uses a service called Hoodle to watch a game movie. The web interface isn’t great, and of course it wasn’t built for touch. I’ll be happy to download the Hudl app to my computer to run it.

I doubt Hoodle is important to most of you, so I won’t say it’s one of the five most exciting apps. But it shows the value of supporting Android apps. Even if you want to capture a niche app or a niche app that is not in the store, there must be a way to run it on Windows 11.

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