Valve is working with AMD to ensure Steam Deck is chill with Windows 11

“There is currently a case looking at the TPM … and still nothing to indicate to us that it will be an issue with Windows 11

Valve said there’s nothing we’ve seen in development of the Steam Deck that indicates Windows 11 isn’t on sale.

This may seem commonplace considering the current generation of Windows operating systems on Valve’s upcoming handheld, but after Microsoft announced the next generation of Windows, many potential compatibility issues emerged. .

The most confusing is which version of the Trusted Compatibility Module (TPM) to install Windows 11 on your machine. Microsoft’s first health scan tool showed that many of our computers were not compatible, causing a rush on third-party TPM cards.

“There’s a job looking at TPM,” said Greg Coomer, designer of Valve Steam Deck. “Until now we’ve been so focused on Windows 10 that we haven’t accomplished much. What we expect is that we can afford it.”

Valve is working with AMD to ensure Steam Deck is chill with Windows 11:

But it’s not just about Valve being the maker of the new handset, it’s something AMD has been talking about. As the creators of the custom silicon at the heart of the Steam Deck-Zen 2 / RDNA 2 APU, the red hardware is at the core to ensure the new technology is ready for Windows 11.

“It’s also an ongoing conversation with AMD to make sure we can adapt at the BIOS level. So nothing yet will indicate to us that there will be any issues with Windows 11,” explains Coomer.

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The shipment is good news for anyone looking to replace SteamOS 3.0 with Microsoft’s new operating system. But from what we’ve seen and what Valve has said, I’m not sure this is a route I want to go.

If Valve can achieve its goal of “every game will work until we ship Steam Deck” with its work in the Proton/Steam Play compatibility layer, I’ll stay with SteamOS.

While on the Steam Deck, we were surprised at how the new SteamOS 3.0 UI looked and felt on the handheld. It’s a console-like experience you’ll have a hard time emulating on Windows 11.

Maybe Valve will create a Mini view Mod specifically for handhelds running outside of SteamOS 3.0, but so far the native Linux OS bundled with Deck will provide the best handheld experience for PC gamers.

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