Windows 11 Build 22000.120 (KB5005188) comes with compact menu

Windows 11 Build 22000.120 is now available to users in Windows Insider’s Development and Beta Channels. This is the fifth cumulative update for Windows 11 RTM Build 22000 and it comes with various quality improvements but no new features or major improvements

If you check for updates today, a new “cumulative update for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.120) (KB5005188)” will appear on the screen. Additionally, clicking the Check for Updates button will automatically download and install a new Defender security update.

Windows 11 KB5005188 comes with upgrades for desktop users. Microsoft has updated File Explorer’s right-click (context menu) with a compact interface for mouse users. Windows 11’s right-click context menu feels great on the desktop, but Microsoft has finally figured it out with today’s release.

Also, Microsoft improves the “New” button in the File Explorer command by integrating the drop-down menu.

This allows users to see all the options in the list instead of a nested list. The company has also fixed an issue that caused lags in File Explorer after using the context menu for a long time.

New upgrades to Windows 11 Build 22000.120 (KB5005188)

As you know, Windows 11 comes with a new widget panel, which is basically a small suite of apps. These widgets can be accessed directly from the taskbar and allow users to view weather news, sports results, traffic updates and more.

Build 22000.120 introduces a new Family widget for Windows 11 users. The new family widget is powered by your Microsoft account and is available in all languages ​​and regions. After connecting to the widget menu, Microsoft can help you see the latest activity in the family group.

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Microsoft provides notification icons for the Chat icon in the Taskbar. This allows users to view unread signals directly from the taskbar. Microsoft has also improved the lock button on the taskbar preview windows.

The “Settings” button is now available in Display Settings to allow users to set up multiple monitors).

Build 22000.120 (KB5005188) List of other improvements:

  • Microsoft has improved search and thumbnail sizes in ALT+Tab, Task View and additional help.
  • File Explorer will now show an updated scrollbar in dark mode.
  • Microsoft has resolved memory leaks affecting File Explorer.
  • Updated File Explorer command bar to reduce resource usage.
  • Microsoft fixed explorer.exe crashes.
  • Context menu will no longer flicker or cut sideways.
  • Scrollbar issues resolved.
  • Radio buttons in File Explorer now appear highlighted when selected.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue affecting file operation dialogs.

How to install Windows 11 KB5005188

  • Use these steps to install Windows 11 KB5005188:
  • Open Windows Settings > Windows Update.
  • Click the Check for Updates button.
  • The patch will start downloading automatically.
  • Click “Restart Now” to complete the installation.

The patch will appear as long as you are part of Windows Insider’s Dev or Beta channel. Of course, the update will

not appear if you are still using Windows 10 and have an unsupported device.

To overcome these limitations, you can modify the Registry and enable updating on unsupported devices.

Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is also getting a new update with various quality improvements. As part of the update, Microsoft Store gets “auto-scroll” support in focus, allowing users to discover their next favorite apps, movies or games without having to scroll through the list.

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Microsoft provides a detailed page layout of a game product so that users can see more information and images about the game. There is a new sort and search dialog and it is based on XAML instead of WebView.

Known issues in build 22000.120

Windows 11 Build 22000.120 may break the search bar and cause the following issues:

  • Windows Search does not detect user-entered text.
  • When you right-click the start button (WIN + X), System and Windows Terminal are not listed.
  • The taskbar flashes.
  • Recent searches will not appear when you go to the taskbar search tab.
  • Taskbar crashed in Windows Sandbox.
  • The search bar may appear black or blank.
  • Windows Widgets may appear blank for some users, but this can be fixed by relinking your Microsoft account.

If you are on the Beta Channel, this update may also break the taskbar and Start Menu. If you cannot access the taskbar or the Start Menu, go to Windows Update > Update History > Delete Update > Control Panel and manually delete the collections.

If you run into any issues, you can revert to the previous version of Windows by going to Settings > System > Restore > Advanced Startup. Select the reboot option on the next screen and select Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > on the traditional recovery screen.

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