Unearthed Video Shows Naked Hunter Biden Claiming Russian Drug Dealers Stole laptop


According to DailyMail.com, Hunter Biden alleges that the Russians stole another laptop for blackmail while approaching an overdose in a Las Vegas hotel room

The alleged incident would mean Hunter lost three computers, one left at a computer store in Delaware and the other seized by federal agents, each containing sensitive information about embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of President Joe Biden and his son.

The third laptop still appears to be missing and was seized by Russian drug dealers after having fun with Hunter in Vegas.

After being photographed in January 2019 having sex with a woman using a laptop, Hunter rolled over the camera as he talked about a Vegas twist in which he said he had ‘walked 18 days from rooftop to rooftop’ that sometimes cost $10,000 a night.

“I spent an insane amount of money,” Hunter said. ‘I was with these people. One person wasn’t like you anyway… there would be “a lot of people here, a crazy party” every night, and there would be no one there every night.

Hunter’s allegations raise the possibility of being targeted as a sensitive conduit for Joe Biden as part of a foreign intelligence operation.

The 2015 Macbook Pro became popular after leaving the Delaware computer store two years ago.

DailyMail.com took a copy of the hard drive, hired experts to verify its authenticity, and uncovered shocking evidence of corruption and illegal activity in its contents.

A second laptop belonging to the President’s son was reportedly seized by federal agents when they raided the office of his friend, disgraced psychiatrist Keith Ablow, last year.

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Two sources told NBC that the DEA found the device while searching Ablow’s Massachusetts office after he was accused of professional misconduct and suspended his medical license.

Unearthed Video Shows Naked Hunter Biden Claiming Russian Drug Dealers Stole laptop:

Ablow was not charged with any crime and the laptop was returned to Hunter’s lawyer.

Hunter explained how his third laptop was “stolen” in the spring of 2018 while he was using less drugs overnight.

‘I went to the hot bath hanging on the edge of the upstairs, which is ridiculous.

And I’m sitting there and that’s the last thing I remember. And I never give up.

“I woke up and the only person there was Miguel, the crazy guy who was collecting everything, okay – and this guy, his friends Miguel and Pierce.

‘They fired everyone. And they cleaned everything, is everything ok? They were getting ready to go and I woke up. And there was a 35-year-old Russian, a really beautiful pure brunette.

He refused to leave and an ambulance was not called. And at first they didn’t know if I was dead or not.

Hunter said he realized that his computer was missing after that night.

“I think he’s the one who stole my computer. I think it’s three, three guys who seem like a small group. I took the salesman and two guys all over the place. F*** all over the place, he’s lost his mind.

The president’s son told the prostitute that the stolen laptop was also full of discounted sex videos.

“I have videos of it,” he said. ‘I have sex videos.

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‘I took my computer, tons of stuff like that, left it like a camera. He would always enter a password and you know it all, what do I mean? It was so crazy**. And during that time someone stole it. By doing this he loved to seek Shiite.

The prostitute asked Ovchu if Russian thieves would try to “blackmail” her.

“Yes, yes,” Hunter replied.

“My father is a [inaudible] presidential candidate,” she told him calmly. ‘This much. I always talk about it.

‘If they do, he knows I made a million dollars.’

Hunter feared he wouldn’t be able to monetize explicit videos if they were sold to porn or news companies by thieves who allegedly stole the video.

“I’m worried he’ll get the money up front, and maybe not three million, maybe three. Maybe nobody wants to see me naked,” he said.

‘Maybe it’s ‘news interest’ and they say, ‘we don’t have to pay you anything just because you’re interested in regular news’ since my father is a member of the public.

“I think you should punch him,” said the whore. ‘I think you should post your own video.’

Among the photos on the laptop’s hard drive, obtained by DailyMail.com, are photos of a woman with a Russian passport and Hunter kneeling in bed and snapping her brunette hairless.

Other photographs show a woman and three young men drinking and having fun by the pool in a house rented by Hunter in the old Hollywood Hills, and two naked women with Hunter in the pool.

It is unknown whether the Russian woman and three men are the same person as Hunter, who was accused of stealing a laptop.

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