What happened on board JetBlue’s first NY-London flight

I’ve been a transatlantic avgeek flying regularly from the United States to the UK for decades. I always welcome newcomers to the arena, but many newcomers don’t really have a strong work plan and their efforts cannot withstand the harsh North Atlantic economy, especially during the winter months.

Not so with JetBlue. US Airlines’ first transatlantic flight landed at London Heathrow on 12 August. I was on board and I think this new offer is here to stay despite the impact of the pandemic.

JetBlue has been working on this transatlantic flight for the past two years. Inside is a new Airbus A321 Long Range designed specifically for this purpose.

The airline has developed a competitive experience on board and in most cases let go – also cheaper than other products on offer.

Experience on board

The Airbus A321 is a narrow-body aircraft – it replaces the 757, which opens many transatlantic routes between secondary cities in many ways, and some say these single-aisle planes can feel a little claustrophobic on six-hour flights – but JetBlue has done a good job.

Although the cabin looked a little cramped, the airline’s exceptional attention to detail ensured a comfortable flying experience in the Mint (business) or Core (economics) areas.

The main thing is that JetBlue does not work internationally, just taking the existing internal service. The team redesigned the seats and the result is one of the best business class seats I’ve ever flown in the Atlantic. The mint seat-mounted mattress set provides firm support when the seat is not dug up.

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Also, the Mint seats are in an inverted fishbone configuration with plenty of storage – but this configuration isn’t great for people traveling together in the Mint because you can’t sit side-by-side properly.
On the plus side, you have plenty of room on your shoulders.

There is also free Wi-Fi available for all passengers, which works well throughout the flight.

The food is also very good – consider the quality of the restaurant. I guess they will have to work a bit on the service, it was a bit slow. But it was nice to see the food being served again. Airlines are moving away from the prepackaged model they’ve gone through during the pandemic.

What happened on board JetBlue’s first NY-London flight:

JetBlue has always tried to be different, to be cool, and I think they’ve succeeded here.

It’s not your father’s airline. It’s not Chevy. Sporty and cool.

One of the benefits of flying in a small plane – with 24 business class kits – there are only 114 regular seats on the plane – JetBlue won’t be a Norwegian issue. It will be easy to fill each seat – plus a small plane is highly fuel efficient.
In terms of costs, JetBlue’s competitive ticket prices have already driven competitors’ prices for New York-London flights down.

If you want to travel with JetBlue from New York to London on Tuesday, August 17, tickets start at $202 for calls made via JetBlue.

According to related sites, same-day British Airways economy tickets start at $502, while United tickets start at $1,085.

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In general, whatever the reason, the return ticket is still expensive – the Western Atlantic Ocean is not currently in the same demand: if you are traveling from London to New York, you must travel and you are still allowed to travel to the United States. United States, you are in a very thin category of people.

Although fully vaccinated Americans can now enter the UK without the need for quarantine, the US travel ban to the UK and Europe remains.

After this increase, the prices of transatlantic flights to the west should also decrease.

The message from Heathrow Airport and JetBlue is an important request to be open to fully tanned travelers, not to mention other airlines that often operate the busy transatlantic travel corridor.

“The US government needs to take a risk-based approach to travel,” JetBlue CEO Robin Hayes said before boarding the plane. Said. “The incidence of coronavirus infection in Europe is lower than in many places in the world where you can fly from today.”

The issue is with the fears surrounding the Delta option, and the US government is very hesitant to open its borders and be affected in any way.

Again, the United States needs to find a way to do this, so it will – it’s just a matter of time. I thought it would be at the end of spring, maybe the beginning of autumn.

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