‘I Am So Sick to My Stomach Right Now’: Retired Marine Reacts to ‘POS’ Joe Biden’s Disastrous Bugout From Afghanistan

Kandahar, Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, the presidential palace, Bagram Air Base – all fell within hours of President Joe Biden’s order to end the post-Afghan food crisis

As a sign of defeat, another “last helicopter” flew from the American embassy.

Just last month, President Biden promised that this would be a scene that would never happen.

He claimed that the notorious withdrawal from Afghanistan would not be like the scene in Saigon in 1975.

“The Taliban are not the North Vietnamese military. They are not remotely comparable in terms of capabilities. It will not be a situation where you will see people being lifted from the roof of the US embassy in Afghanistan.”

Retired Marine Reacts to ‘POS’ Joe Biden’s Disastrous Bugout From Afghanistan:

The American flag was lowered at the embassy in Kabul and handed over to the Charge d’affaires, who fled to the airport. Another work designed for the American Military Museum of Insects.

No one blames the army. They are ready to win and follow orders.

But like Saigon, politicians drowned again in the first Gulf War, leaving Baghdad, Kabul, and now the city-wide Bagram Air Base.

And a retired US Marine is nauseous.

Captain Mike Rosen, USMC, Retired, enlisted in the Army in 1983 after the bombing of a US Marine Winter truck in Beirut, Lebanon. Hezbollah’s eruption killed 241 soldiers, most of them sailors and sailors. This also hurt his stomach when he hired the young man.

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Four months after the truck bombing, President Ronald Reagan left Beirut, leaving a small contingent at the embassy.

Captain Rosen served in the Iraq War. He was part of Operation Phantom Fury during the Second Battle of Fallujah and took care of logistics. He was promoted to the rank of Major. He was injured in an IED attack while in a sandbox on the Humvee.

After returning to state, Rosen began working at a local base, which may have been the most difficult task of his professional maritime life. As part of the Navy’s Wounded Assistance Program, it was her job to notify her husband and family when loved ones died while serving abroad.

He texted me after hearing about Biden’s bug in Afghanistan. He let me share his messages. Especially against the background of the indifference of this moment, the names of these families were erased to save the pain of resurrecting the victim of loved ones.

I am very sick these days.

Another humiliating evacuation from an embassy to stop the war.

This administration is making me sick. It’s embarrassing as hell.

My death notices for AFG KIAs, Linsey ***** was married to her husband Will for two months when she was killed on Thanksgiving 2010.

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Josh *****, KIA AFG told his wife he was 7 months pregnant in June 2010.

My best friend Durand ****** lost his leg, disfigured face, smell and taste from IED.

Damn it Biden.

I shared my belief that we should deploy Special Forces to continue the work started by Mike Spann and the CIA: He left a small trail to hunt down Bin Laden. I told him we needed to keep control of Bagram and leave a security force like in Germany and Japan that I should put on the rotation list for a limited number of US troops. For the sake of Allah, cut the structure of the nation.

I agree 100%. Biden and his liberal POS took everything we struggled with and literally pissed us off. Fuck him.

Some Afghan translators who had helped American soldiers over the past 20 years were rescued; It was too late for others to save them. Someone speaking to Military.com sounded like Rosen.

“I still can’t speak,” the translator, who wants to be identified as just Said, said in an interview on Sunday. “I’m going to cry because we lost everything.”

What does Marcus Luttrell think now?

Joe Biden pulled the plug on Afghanistan by keeping a record of over 40 years of bad decisions, as Robert Gates has made clear.

Donald Trump wanted to break up with Barack Obama as before. Trump lost Secretary of Defense James Mattis during an attempt to withdraw US troops from Syria.

No general has given up on this pre-existing failure.

He will rejoice that for 27 days, on 9/11, US efforts to bring stability to Afghanistan have completely collapsed.

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This should never have happened.

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