T-Mobile investigating claims of massive hack involving customer data

T-Mobile said it is investigating allegations of a major data breach that could affect 100 million customers

A message that surfaced on an underground forum on Sunday, August 15, came from a man claiming to have personal information about 100 million people. The message doesn’t mention T-Mobile, but when the poster contacted Motherboard news site it was revealed that the mobile company’s customers were at the center of the alleged hack. The 100 million figure is remarkable because it equals T-Mobile’s entire customer base.

The seller said the motherboard belongs to T-Mobile USA customers and includes everything from names and social security numbers and phone numbers to home addresses, driver’s license information, and unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers. The news site said it was able to verify the accuracy of the stolen information after examining the sample.

The criminal is asking for 6 bitcoins, currently worth approximately $285,000, in exchange for social security and driver’s license information on 30 million T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile investigating claims of massive hack involving customer data:

Those who claimed to withhold the information added that they had already learned about the hack, as T-Mobile could no longer access the company’s servers. But the company, which signed a $26 billion deal with Sprint last year, is still not openly confirming that its servers have been compromised, saying it is “aware of allegations on underground forums” and is “actively investigating”. reliability,” T-Mobile said, adding that it will share more information as it becomes available.

If this breach occurs and affects so many T-Mobile customers, it would be a major blow to a company looking to restore its reputation after similar setbacks in recent years. Up to 200,000 customers affected by the end of 2020.

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We are waiting for T-Mobile to provide an update on the alleged violation and will update this post as soon as we find out.

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