Taiwan fears becoming the next chess piece that US casts away following Vietnam, Afghanistan: Says media

As the Taliban seized the presidential palace in Kabul and declared “war” on Afghanistan, the reluctance of the United States from its allies to deport embassy personnel and citizens dealt a serious blow to some media outlets and the United States. Taiwan’s allies fear the island will be the next chess piece the US will play alongside Vietnam and Afghanistan

According to a number of media outlets on the island of Taiwan, the withdrawal of US personnel from Afghanistan with military helicopters trying to take off from the embassy roofs was reminiscent of the same scenario in Vietnam. Including udn.com and TVBS.

Some internet users on the island asked, “Yesterday’s Saigon, today’s Afghanistan and tomorrow’s Taiwan?” asked. To say that Taiwan’s so-called alliance with the United States is nothing more than an empty promise that will eventually “injure the Taiwanese people alone”.

Some urged Taiwan’s regional leader, Tsai Ing-wen, to stop chasing after a country with little credibility. Others asked if Tsai would flee to the United States for asylum if the situation got out of hand.

An Op-Ed on udn.com said the unexpected end in Afghanistan “shattered” US allies and partners who were reluctant to hand over Taiwan’s security to the US, as the latter could have given up on the same conspiracy. in Kabul.

Taiwan fears becoming the next chess piece that US casts away following Vietnam, Afghanistan:

“The US withdrawal from Afghanistan will have a global impact, especially on its image and credibility,” Op-Ed told a Taipei-based newspaper.

The key question is whether there will be a war in the Taiwan Strait and whether the United States will meet its obligations and intervene militarily. Taiwan is “full of question marks”.

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While some may believe Taiwan’s position is different from Afghanistan’s, the two undeniably have one common denominator: strong trust in Washington.

Op-Ed said the US withdrawal came less than a month after US President Joe Biden provided diplomatic and humanitarian support to the US-backed government in Kabul. “Similarly, the United States has requested ‘very solid’ support for Taiwan, but in the event of a conflict Taiwan’s future hangs on a single thread,” the article said.

An article in the New York Times titled “Afghanistan Re-Strikes the Credibility of the United States,” by Steven Erlanger, the Times’ top diplomatic correspondent in Europe, said many in Europe and Asia hoped Washington could rebuild the United States. claims. The withdrawal, which was tightly tied to international relations, “increased the sense that American support was no longer unlimited.”

The article focuses on the island of Taiwan, along with Ukraine, the Philippines and Indonesia, where the US feels “stronger” among the rest of the world.

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News source@ Global Times

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