What’s wrong with White House clocks? London and Moscow’s 3-hour time gap sparks wild theories

The White House’s London and Moscow clocks showed a gap of 3 hours instead of the 2 hours in the picture, and Twitter stated that it could be an old photo or photoshop

For social media users, it was surprising to think why the two-hour London and Moscow time showed a three-hour gap in the photo of President Joe Biden’s meeting with the vice president and national security at the White House. A group about the ongoing situation in Afghanistan.

The image drew attention to the news that the Taliban had completed their capture of Kabul with the capture of Afghanistan. While Taliban forces took control of nearly every major city in Afghanistan, the United States struggled to evacuate nearly 10,000 American civilians from the capital. During the riots in the country, the defense authorities allegedly tried to reach an agreement with the extremist group.

Meanwhile, the Taliban threatened to release radical troops if the US did not reduce their attacks. Biden said any Taliban activity that endangered American lives was “met with a swift and strong US military response.” Angry Afghan war veterans took to social media to criticize Biden, asking why their comrades had to die in the fall of Kabul. But on August 15, Twitter tried to unravel the mystery of time within two hours.

After a photo shared by the White House on Twitter, Biden met with the vice president and national security team via a webcam in an empty conference room, information on the internet saw something erroneous. “London and Moscow” trended between Sundays as the cities showed a difference of three hours instead of two. Moscow is two hours ahead of Russia, England and London. Many would say the photo is old at best and ready at worst.

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‘Is this a stock image?’

“Hmmmm, either the timings are wrong (questionable) or it’s an old photo that wasn’t even returned this weekend. It’s only 2 hours between London and Moscow right now. What’s really going on?” said one Twitter user. “Old picture. Look at the clocks. There hasn’t been a 3-hour break between London and Moscow since March… But give it a try,” he added. “The latest photos from the White House show the difference of three hours between London and Moscow. There are several good explanations for this. Either the times at Camp David are wrong, or the pictures are from March 28, when London was advancing in daylight. but Moscow didn’t. *well*, ”wrote journalist Kyle Becker.

“Tehran is 1.5 hours ahead of Moscow but only 30 minutes in this photo!” shouted a Twitter user. “Pay attention to the time in London and Moscow. There is a difference of 3 hours between the hours. However, there is only 2 hours difference at the moment. There is a difference of 3 hours between daylight hours in London and Moscow before March. Stock photo?” “Read a tweet.


‘All Trump’

Conspiracy theories began to emerge as people wondered if the White House’s digital clock could be set incorrectly. Some say, “Maybe because it’s a photo designed to tell what happened without really explaining too much…” “I don’t know, but it’s all Trump. He controls the clocks!” said another. “I request you to immediately suspend @WhiteHouse’s account for spreading false information on Twitter. The hours shown in this photo will only be correct during Biden’s last visit to Camp David. Twitter must not allow false propaganda to spread!” third joke.

‘Camp David support staff sank for hours’

Others on Twitter tried to unravel the mystery. “These clocks were either set incorrectly (not at WHO) at the time of shooting, or the photo was taken in daylight. Or, as someone else said, there is a vertical light on the display of the Moscow clock that can change. From 19 to 18,” he said. Twitter user. “Beijing also doesn’t have Spring Liberation Time, and the London-Beijing Cliff – 7 hours – shows this photo was taken in the summer. 8 hours in the winter. This shows that the Camp David support team is embarrassing. It’s not complacent and weak. It’s not,” said another.

One Internet user said, “London and Moscow? Yes. London SAYS, but REALLY GMT, so the difference is 3 hours. So the answer is you guys. Now you can all sleep.” Journalist Mike Rothschild writes: “Wait a minute, why are London and Moscow on trend, it’s a fact … no, the old Trump is spreading conspiracy theories about crafty watches.” “Everyone is making conspiracy theories about why there is a 3-hour difference between London and Moscow * A White House employee who forgot to change his time,” said a netizen who shared a popular memo.


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