Biden picks Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan and Nicholas Burns as top envoy to China

President Joe Biden on Friday announced his intention to appoint Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan and Nicholas Burns as ambassador to China

The two top diplomats have been in the post for months, but the administration’s biggest foreign policy crisis to date – the US withdrawal from Afghanistan with the Taliban – became official this afternoon in a White House statement. Take over.

Annoying progressive Democrats, Emmanuel is a former mayor of Chicago, President Barack Obama’s chief of staff, senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, and a Congressman representing Illinois.

Emanuel has been involved in a number of lawsuits under the Biden administration, including the Minister of Transportation. However, his long experience in Democratic politics will be eclipsed by a series of controversies he faced during his affidavit during his tenure as mayor of Chicago. The city’s crime rate and the police shooting death of an African-American teenager, Laquan McDonald – the main reasons he didn’t want to run for mayor a third time – are questions he might face during Senate confirmation.

Biden picks Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan and Nicholas Burns as top envoy to China:

In 2015, Emanuel apologized for the circumstances that led to McDonald’s death, including posting a video of a police board and prosecuting the officer who killed him. Emanuel rejected calls to resign and denied being involved in the video’s release.

A career diplomat and longtime foreign policy official, Burns has served the presidents of both parties. If approved, he would almost certainly take on one of the administration’s most critical ambassadorial posts, with the rise of China at the center of important political debate.

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The Biden administration has faced a wide range of challenges when it comes to Beijing, including human rights abuses, the ongoing pandemic, the country’s military role and efforts abroad. Officials had previously indicated that the administration plans to fill the ambassadorial role with election signals from Burns, who has extensive diplomatic experience and has US priorities tied to China.

Burns is a former member of the State Department and has served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political Affairs, Ambassador to NATO and Greece, spokesperson for the State Department, and member of the National Security Council for Soviet and Russian Affairs. He currently serves at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, the Aspen Strategy Group and Security Forum, and the Cohen Group.

The White House also announced on Friday the nomination of Michael Battle as ambassador to Tanzania.
War studies spread diplomacy to theology and the military in academia. In particular, he was the US Representative to the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the US Ambassador to Ethiopia in Afghanistan in the African Union.

These are Biden’s last ambassadorial candidates, who were slower than nearly any recent president to elect their Senate-approved ambassadors.

Although Biden has been in office for more than six months, the only ambassador to the nation to date has been Ken Salazar, the US ambassador to Mexico. Confirmed a week ago.

The President entered the presidency for more than two months without mentioning the name of an ambassador to be sent abroad. But just last month, his nominations included ambassadors to Equatorial Guinea, Switzerland, Argentina, Singapore, the Central African Republic, Spain and Mozambique among other ambassadors.

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Despite accelerating nominations, large gaps still remain between US embassies. Biden has no confirmed ambassadors in key countries such as China, Canada, India, France and Israel.

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