Biden White House ‘either clueless or heartless’ – Rep. Waltz

Waltz called Biden after he was repeatedly opposed by his spokespersons and cabinet members

Florida Republican Congressman Michael Waltz, the first Green Beret elected to Congress, urged President Biden to deal with the disaster caused by his withdrawal strategy in Afghanistan.

Waltz, who represents Daytona Beach and the Palm Coast, told the Special Report that the White House was either talking about a “rotation” or that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin III was lying about the actual situation when they were attacked by Taliban militants in Kabul. American citizens wanting to escape to the green zone at Hamid Karzai International Airport are contradicting the president’s own words.

“The conflicts are either reversing, he’s lying, or this administration is either stupid or heartless – I don’t get it yet – or all of the above,” Waltz told presenter Brett Baier.

But there is a US president, the commander-in-chief, who says that there is no al-Qaeda in Afghanistan,” he said in 2001. “You said that the president said that the Americans had passed, it was okay. You said the defense minister said they were beaten at Taliban checkpoints.”

Waltz said Biden’s claim that America’s international allies were not interested in the Afghan leadership’s actions was either fraudulent or false.

Waltz described the British Parliament’s condemnation of Biden and the crisis of the right-wing (CDU) candidate Armin Laschet, who wants to replace German Chancellor Angela Merkel this fall, as “the biggest failure since NATO’s founding”.

“I can’t think of a time in modern history when we looked more perfect and were defeated,” Waltz said. “And I’m in contact with private operators and they’re ready to take our Americans. Their hands are tied behind their backs by this White House.”

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The retired Green Beret later said that the best military strategy at this point was to ground the “fear” dynamics.

“It’s just a fear or some kind of tension about what [the Taliban] will do. We have to put that fear into them,” he said. “Then it’s in their best interest not to touch the Americans’ hair alone. Guess what, the Taliban, we break in to remove them if necessary. We don’t even know how many people are in the opposite areas. Kabul.”

Biden White House ‘either clueless or heartless’ says Rep. Waltz:

Waltz will make it clear that the recapture of the massive Bagram Air Base, built by the now Taliban-controlled Soviet Union northeast of Kabul, will do everything the United States can do to protect the Americans. He worked with them during the war.

Waltz said Biden should follow President Gerald Ford’s example of dedicating all necessary resources to get Americans out of a collapsed country, as he did at the Vietnamese embassy during the fall of Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City.

Photos of helicopters evacuating people from the embassy that year have been compared to gruesome photos of planes taking off from HKIA earlier this week.

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