Biden’s Afghanistan speech panned for being ‘divorced from reality’ on the ground

Some of Biden’s claims at the White House were quickly dismissed

Lawmakers urged President Biden to address the White House on Afghanistan because they did not accurately reflect reality on the ground.

GOP senator Tom Cotton, a veteran of the Afghan war, said Biden and his team “really continue to deviate from danger”.

“How many personal accounts do you need to change your stories?” Cotton, R-Ark., told Fox News. “Authorize the military immediately to put an end to this disgrace, expand the perimeter of the Kabul airport and rescue the Americans who are behind enemy lines. We cannot rely on the Taliban for the safety of the American people.”

Biden’s allegations, which were quickly dismissed at a press conference on Friday afternoon, include claims that al-Qaeda has “left” Afghanistan. Minutes later, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby acknowledged “al-Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan” despite saying there was no serious threat to the homeland.

Biden claimed he did not know of “any circumstances” preventing American citizens from going to Kabul airport for evacuation, based on an existing agreement with the Taliban for safe passage.

“It’s a lie,” tweeted Senator Marsha Blackburn of R-Tenn. “My office was informed that Americans cannot enter the airport.”

Even Pentagon spokesman Kirby did not dispute Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s previous statement to lawmakers that some Americans had been beaten by the Taliban in Kabul. Kirby said the Biden administration was “absolutely paying attention” to these “highly disturbing” reports and that the United States was “totally unacceptable” for the Taliban.

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Senator Thom Tillis of the RC said Biden was “intentionally ignorant” of the facts.

“The eviction process is a nightmare,” Tillis said in a statement.

Representative Dan Crenshaw, a former US Navy SEAL officer who lost his right eye while serving in Afghanistan, said that Biden “lied” to the American people even though he was not actually allowed to evacuate US citizens and their families.

“It’s hard to filter out all the lies and half-truths from Biden’s incoherent speech,” said Crenshaw of R-Texas.

R-Texas spokesman Ronny Jackson retracted his claim that Americans could safely cross into Kabul airport, saying Biden’s voters in Texas were still trapped, among them a woman and three young children.

“Biden is either a bald-faced liar or completely out of his mind,” Jackson told Fox News. “Either way, Joe Biden should resign. He’s a complete and utter failure!”

Representative Claudia Tenney, R-N., allegations that Said Biden “raised more questions about his readiness for service” doubled down on Biden’s call for his resignation after Friday’s announcement. Tenney’s son is a sailor.

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“I am in contact with families and individuals who understand the ground conditions in Afghanistan better than our Commander-in-Chief,” Tenney told Fox News. “Either he is deliberately ignorant or he is lying.”

While British lawmakers openly condemned Biden’s handling of Afghanistan’s collapse, Biden was outraged to say he had “no doubt about our credibility with our allies around the world” about Afghanistan.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Senator Johnny Ernst said Biden was trying to cover up the facts.

“President Biden’s guilt continues to change dark truths and cover up a complete failure,” Ernst said.

RC spokesperson Nancy Mace said Biden’s failure to understand the situation in Afghanistan had serious consequences.

“The White House has fallen from reality and our citizens and allies in Afghanistan are suffering because of it,” the first woman to graduate from The Citadel Military College told Fox News. “We have to take them out and we have to take them out now.”

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News credit@ FoxNews

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