Ex-rugby star Toutai Kefu suffers serious injuries in ‘brutal and violent’ attack by intruders

Former Wallabies player has multiple stab wounds to stomach and liver

Former Australian rugby player Toutai Kefu, who won the World Cup, had to undergo surgery after suffering “severe injuries” from an attack on his Brisbane home.

Two 15-year-old boys fighting for the life of a former Wallabies player have been arrested.

Kefu, who won the World Cup with the Wallabies in 1999, suffered severe stab wounds to his liver and multiple injuries to his stomach after breaking into the home of three men at 3 am.

His wife Rachel, daughter and son were injured and hospitalized. According to the official, the attackers were allegedly armed with axes, knives and knives.

Queensland State Police detective Tony Fleming described the incident as “brutal and violent”.

“A family member woke up and had met at least one of the intruders before,” he said.

Ex-rugby star Toutai Kefu suffers serious injuries in ‘brutal and violent’ attack by intruders:

“It was most likely a false theft,” he said.

Two youths were detained. Neighbors detained one person until the police arrived on the scene.

Supt Fleming said that while Kefu was recovering, his wife “had very serious injuries to her arm and her injuries were very serious”.

The couple’s 21-year-old son was injured in his arm and back, and his 18-year-old daughter was injured in his arm and arm.

The rugby community supported the family.

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Great Wallabies Tim Horan tweeted, “Thoughts and prayers for fun and family.”

Another Wallaby and his former teammate, Owen Finegan, wrote: “This is crazy stuff. Thoughts and prayers with Kef and his family.”

Former England captain Sir Bill Beaumont said: “All my thoughts are with Toutai Kefu and his family at this difficult time. The global rugby family is with them, sending our strength and support.”

Kefu, originally from Tongan, did 60 tests for the Wallabies during his 1997-2003 international career. In 2016, he started to coach the Tonga national team.

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