Henri expected to impact Seacoast NH, southern Maine: What you need to know

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Along the New Hampshire Coast and south of Maine, Henry’s tropical storm forecast is on its way. Gray, Maine, a forecaster for the National Weather Service, says the impact is likely to be felt in England by Sunday.

NWS meteorologist Hunter Tubbs said Friday morning that Henry could be strengthened to become a Category 1 hurricane and reach other points in Rhode Island and southern New England. By Friday afternoon, the road began to descend westward over Long Island.

“We would expect less of an impact wave for our region if it went west,” Tubbs said. “I would like to stress that there is always the potential to move east again and have a direct impact on east and southeast New England.”

Tubbs said that if the storm hit New England as a hurricane, it would be the first since Hurricane Bob in 1991.

Where Henry Will Go: Best and Worst Scenarios

NWS meteorologists closely followed Henry’s path, with some models where Henry would travel as far west as Long Island, New York, and weaken rapidly before reaching northern New England, Tubbs said. Other models predict a stronger hurricane that will weaken rapidly over eastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

“The best-case scenario is that Henry either stays at sea, which is unfortunately unlikely to be seen at the moment, or goes far enough to the left because he’s interacting with land enough, so he’s very weak when he gets here.” said Tubbs. “The worst-case scenario is to stay afloat, take a slightly more easterly route like Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or Rhode Island, get stronger and then somehow land. I see the biggest impact.”

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On the current track, Henry’s effects will last from Sunday to Monday.

What effect would the New Hampshire Coast and Maine South have had if Henry followed east?

“The impact will really depend here and on the strength of the system,” Tubbs said. Said. “Everything can change depending on the speed of the system, whether it’s slowing down or accelerating.”

If the storm initially lands in Rhode Island and southeast Massachusetts, it will slow and weaken as it moves northeast towards the New Hampshire coast or the south coast of Mainen. In this case, the biggest impact in New Hampshire and Maine could be heavy rain and tropical storm winds. Beaches and coastal cities like Hampton and York, Maine could see high surf, strong currents and coastal flooding, according to Tubbs.

“If you live in a regularly flood-prone area … during astronomical high tides, or if you live in an area with storm systems, I recommend that you continue to follow the latest forecasts and be prepared for the days ahead,” said Tubbs. “Usually flooded areas will then be the most vulnerable to flooding.”

Public services want to be prepared

Unitil and Eversource say they are preparing for Henry’s potential impact. Utilities are urging residents to be prepared for possible disruptions due to wind or breaking of tree lines and offer to keep a storm kit full of essentials.

Alec O’Meara, Director of Media Relations at Unitil, said: “When the ground is already filled with rain, the highest winds associated with Henry have the potential to knock down all the trees and cause severe damage in the areas most affected by the storm in New England.”

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Advice for boaters

The New Hampshire State Police Marine Patrol is alerting those using the state’s inland waters, urging property owners and visitors to take steps to better protect and lock boats and keep property such as canoes and canoes out of the water. beyond the rising water level.

“Significant weather events like Henry often cause damage and loss of coastal property,” the Maritime Patrol Association said in a statement. Said. “Strong winds and rough water conditions will eventually cause damage or destruction to ships, swimming pools, piers and other coastal structures.”

The state is also urging residents to be vigilant and watch the weekend weather.

“Government officials are working day and night to monitor the effects of the approaching storm,” said Governor Chris Sunu. “The government is making every effort to respond to Henry. Our top priority is keeping people safe.”

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