New Hampshire bracing for possible hurricane

Tropical Strom Henry prepares for New Hampshire as it moves north on the eve of a hurricane.

The storm is expected to take its worst in southern New England and the odds will drop by Sunday afternoon. Greg Cornwell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the hurricane in New Hampshire is likely to feel like heavy rain and heavy surf on the beach.

Cornwell said the National Weather Service forecasts 2 to 4 inches of rain in New Hampshire, and it could rain for hours in the Granite State as the storm slows as it moves north.

After rain in southern New Hampshire in July and earlier this week, Cornwell said the area was flooded with rain from Henry.

Cornwell said New Hampshire would be less affected if the storm moves westward.

New Hampshire bracing for possible hurricane:

The largest utility in New Hampshire serves the areas of southern New England that were hit hardest by the storm.

Eversource CEO Joseph Nolan said the company is poised to leave hundreds of thousands of people without electricity in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire in a matter of days.

Nolan said teams are preparing to respond to the power outages, and Eversource has sought help from other utilities in the country.

“We’re all there, we’re all on board. We’ve canceled all strikes,” Nolan said at a news conference in Hartford, Conn., on Friday. “We will work until the last customer arrives.”

New Hampshire’s Eversource spokesman William Hinkle said teams are now looking for tree branches that could break power lines during storms.

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While the worst of the storm is expected to hit the coasts of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Hinkle said there are teams ready to work in New Hampshire.

“We will have hundreds of lumber and utility workers in New Hampshire,” he said. “We are preparing for strong winds and significant impacts as Henry approaches the state,” Hinkle said. Said.

Hinkle advised New Hampshire residents to be prepared if they lost their power. People need to make sure that non-perishable food, medicine, flashlights and cell phones are fully charged, Hinkle said.

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