Old Saybrook weighs whether to issue evacuation order ahead of Henri

“I expect the worst and hope for the best,” said Pete Wheeler.

On Friday, Middlesex County Coast Guard residents in Old Saybrook warned they were preparing for a potential natural disaster and storm they had never experienced before.

Storms in Old Cybrook are alarming for several reasons. Obviously, it is a coastal community, but 50% of the population is in well water, so a power outage means a lack of drinking water and flood pollution.

“I expect the worst and hope for the best,” said Pete Wheeler. He is the captain of the ‘Sea Sprite’, a chartered fishing boat. He was on one of his last scheduled trips from Saybrook Point. He learned a thing or two after 43 years. Henry says he will close.

“I’ve seen many ships damaged,” said Captain Pete. One place that knows the losers is Old Saybrook mini golf. “Hopefully it won’t be too bad. We certainly don’t want to rebuild,” said worker Allie Romano.

The course was developed after Superstorm Sandy and later rebuilt with financial support from FEMA.

Old Saybrook weighs whether to issue evacuation order ahead of Henri:

“It was completely destroyed,” Romano said. There were notes on Main Street and Old Saybrook Hardware. Just today – six generators were sold.

The store has decided to stay open even if the electricity goes out. Assist. “We’ll get our next order on Monday, so I ordered more generators, more batteries,” said manager Emma Loso.

People told FOX61 that everything is ready.

“Make sure the generator is working properly. Make sure we have a lot of gas. I also bought a couple of butane cylinders for the open furnace, so I turned them all off and hopefully this storm will pass,” said Peter Anderson of Old Cybrook.

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But as Henry’s cone of uncertainty is getting clearer by the minute, police chief and ambulance chief Michael Spera is not optimistic. Inside the emergency trailer, Chief Michael Spera showed FOX61 a stack of toiletries, towels, tarps and chargers. Lise will soon decide to open an emergency shelter here or order a voluntary evacuation.

“My biggest concern is public hearings. Half a year away from nonstop Public Health and Public Safety messages. Sometimes it’s tiring,” Spera said.

They set up evacuation routes and a siren system here at Old Cybrook. Spera said people would be warned at least six hours in advance of any evacuation. We also note that first aid may be cut off if the flood waters get too high for people who choose to stay behind.

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News credit@ Fox61

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