Retired Brig. calls Afghanistan exit a ‘geopolitical disaster of unparalleled proportions’

Bolduc believes the military should “return” to the country to stabilize the situation

Retired Brig. General Don Bolduc, who served 10 rounds in Afghanistan and was one of the country’s first Special Forces officers after the September 11 terrorist attacks, described the Biden administration’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan as an “unprecedented geopolitical disaster”. . ”

As the US military withdrew from the country 20 years later, the Taliban took over most of Afghanistan and thousands of civilians fled their homes to the US and elsewhere.

“I know American history very well, and I have never seen the U.S. military threaten so many people and withdraw and retreat or act irresponsibly against our national security inside and outside the United States,” Bolduc told Fox News.

And the damage we’ve done to our reputation – the damage people have had and the trust in us – and the doors it’s opening to potential enemies like China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. If he had gone to a lieutenant, he would have planned better.”

Bolduc, who received two Purple Hearts and five Bronze Star medals during his military career, served in the 5th Special Forces Group in 2001 to drive the Taliban and al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan. He is now running for the U.S. Senate in New Hampshire, but says he has kept his “kit” full and “ready to go” since retiring.

Retired Brig. calls Afghanistan exit a ‘geopolitical disaster of unparalleled proportions’:

The 33-year-old military veteran detailed 20 years of changes in leadership and military missions in Afghanistan through the four presidents, saying he believes “less reliance on our higher levels” to effectively manage the withdrawal by 1 September. the soldier must “go”. “Return to the country to stabilize the situation.

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“We have a regional area to worry about,” Bolduc said. Said. “Pakistan has nuclear weapons. We don’t want it to destabilize it. We have a very unstable north with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, etc. We have an unstable border with Iran in the west. China and Russia intend to take advantage of this situation. The Taliban will return to their old forms of government. ” . ”

Current and retired military personnel said they “know how to make the right plan to get back there and change that dynamic in the short term against the Taliban and al-Qaeda.”

“I’m going to be brave here and recommend that we do it,” Bolduc said of his return to Afghanistan. said. “… It’s a huge national security issue for this country…. And all we have to do is – sorry, the last thing I want to recommend – but we have to think carefully and get back. We need it to do it right. And there are people who know how to do it. .

“When our soldiers are given a task, they do it. Unlike top leaders, they do their job.”

On Thursday, Biden acknowledged that evacuees had difficulty reaching the international airport and Kabul, surrounded by Taliban checkpoints.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Thursday that the government had received “a handful of reports” of American citizens unable to reach the airport. However, he said that while US officials were aware of reports of translators and former Afghan military personnel being hunted by Taliban forces, they could not confirm their accuracy.

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Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, vowed to bring home all Americans stranded in the country. It is estimated that there are about 6,000 US soldiers there.

President Biden was adamant in his decision to withdraw the US military from the country.

“I stand by my decision. 20 years later, I’ve learned that there is never a good time to withdraw US forces,” Biden said on Monday. “That’s why we’re still there.”

The president claimed that the withdrawal was the result of a peace deal he had “inherited” from former President Donald Trump, and that the only option was to “escalate the conflict and send thousands of American troops back to Afghanistan.”

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News source@ FoxNews

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