Tommy Fury vs Anthony Taylor LIVE RESULTS: Fury BATTERS Taylor to win US debut fight – latest reaction and updates

TOMMY FURY did a great boxing match to dominate MMA star Anthony Taylor in the four-way round in his first match in the United States.

And Mancunian called Jake Paul, who will fight at the main event in Ohio.

After the victory, Fury said: “I did my part, and now he must do his part.

“Jake Paul … let’s get started!”

jake nonsense

UFC legend Conor McGregor is “slowing down” in his fight with Jake Paul, who is also challenged by Tommy Fury.

After Paul Tyron’s one-on-one victory over Woodley, McGregor took to social media in simple words.

The popular tweeted: “Saliva.”

This shows that the Irish superstar is excited to join YouTuber – because he is sure that he will ruin the show in the ring.


UFC hero Michael Bisping has described Jake Paul as “very beating” after his victory over Tyron Woodley and never expects him or Tommy Fury to accept a fight.

Bisping said: “He has to eat a lot. You talked about Tommy Fury there, I don’t even think they’ll get this fight.

“They want someone big, it’s a paid shoot at a glance, but they want someone who’s at the end of his career and doesn’t really pose much of a threat.

“And you know they won’t call me for that.”


UFC senior Michael Bisping has claimed that YouTube is ready to fight Jake Paul after his victory over Tyron Woodley.

Bisping believes it will be the “easiest sparring session” of his life after seeing Paul defeat Woodley with a fragmented decision.

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The former MMA favorite said: “To be honest, after seeing it tonight, I want to jump in with him.

“Look at all the hype, people are going crazy, it’s a lot of fun, and you have to admit that being honest is a great show.

“Yeah, listen, I was watching, God, it’s easy. If you want to throw me some money, Jake, I’ll do it.”

“I’m just kidding – but I’m serious because I’m like the easiest sparring man in my life.

“But Jake has a lot of choices, a lot of choices. A lot of people struggle with it because they have to eat.”

Paul was challenged by Tommy Fury after defeating Anthony Taylor


A clip of Tommy Fury and Jake Paul’s behind-the-scenes confrontation has surfaced online.

Fury Paula said he had to “run” and “fight” in the ring.

Things warmed up quickly, and YouTuber was heard telling the boxer that he was good enough to be a sparring partner.

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Source@ The US Sun

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