Good Bye, ‘Rake’ Australian Series Leaving Netflix Globally In December

A high-profile Australian show is expected to leave Netflix worldwide in December 2021. All five seasons of Rake are expected to be removed from Netflix on December 15, 2021.

First aired on ABC1 in Australia in 2010, the series eventually aired five seasons in 40 episodes by 2018.

The premise of the show focuses on a lawyer named Clever Green, whom his colleagues look down on and treat his teeth like a drug addict and a drug addict.

Richard Roxberg directs the cast as Cleaver Green along with other cast members, including Adrian Pickering, Matt Day, Russell Dykstra and
Daniele Cormac.

Where is Rake leaving Netflix?

While not all Netflix regions stream Rake, the series is available in at least 25 according to Unogs, with most of the release deletion notifications.

Acceptance dates appear to vary by region. In many regions, all five seasons will begin on December 1, with the larger Netflix regions losing the series on December 15, 2021.

Netflix Australia does not currently show a removal date, but it is likely to expire in the near future.

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