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We are an independent source of information and data, which we gather regularly from around the globe for millions of our audiences from different racial, religious, age, ethnicity groups. We try to educate the people on the latest and the hottest news that is happening or going to happen around the globe. Our goal is to inform our audience about the topics they are interested in, Engage them actively with our resources, and make sure they get to understand each other well.

Knowledge and data are the real power in this world and if you have the right amount of those steering in the right direction you can do wonders. So, we make sure we bring you both on our watch and make you more empowered when it comes to world scenarios.

We are a team of individuals rather than a company, who are on a mission to get the latest updates of news and theories in this world and inform our readers about it. We will take you to the fancy street of New York to a crowded mall in Dubai if it means to you in any way possible. At Reporting-Hour we are committed to serving the people around with the right amount of knowledge we can.

We share some of our user’s stories to the world if they want to do so, in order to let others step into their shoes. So, if you have a story you need to tell the world about or any news that can have a HUGE impact globally,  you can share it with us by going through the Contact Reporting-Hour Page.

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To be up to the mark in making sure that we follow the best practices to avoid the misuse of important data you share with us, we have shortlisted down some important points that we take care of while we are processing it. Please Navigate to the Privacy Policy Page and understand more about what we gather, and why we do it?

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